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Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 15:20:08 +0100
From: Brian Peregrine <>
To: musl <>
Subject: Re: Musl gentoo development: browsers

I probably need to clarify the approach further.
The idea is to have something (more precisely a script) which is
intented specifically for gentoo (not all linux variants; not that the
pull is to the gentoo/musl  repo btw). Once that's ready, a binary can
be made. Speaking for our own distro, it can be used on the optional
usb stick (
). I assume these binaries can then also be shared and used with
non-gentoo based linux versions (if generic compiler flags are used,
which is also the idea).

Interested people can work on improving the files in the pull
( ) and then having these
improvements added to the pull.

Adelie's firefox-esr version is 68.5.0, jakeogh's version (in pull) is
v.41 so Adelie's version is indeed newer. Current is v73, so still
needs to be improved it further. So yes, you could already switch this
in the pull.
The binary I used of Adelie (v52.9.0-r4, back in June 2019) didn't
work, and wasn't optimized for i686 cpu's (and also, Adelie linux is
based on abuild system rather then gentoo's portage system), so I am
somewhat cautious. That said, if the script is worked out further,
there may be no issues.

On 2/14/20, Brian Peregrine <> wrote:
> One of the main issues that is holding back musl use in gentoo is the
> lack of browsers on gentoo/musl.
> I'm not much of a coder (my skills are quite limited), so can't do much on
> this.
> SJLC could work on this, but for that to happen we need donations.
> Alternatively, other musl developers can help on this issue.
> I posted a request to integrate a firefox and chromium script to
> gentoo/musl, see ,but they're
> outdated so need to be improved before the pull would be accepted. Any
> coding help from musl members would be appreciated.
> Also, we would like to integrate the possibility of musl compilation
> with the palemoon browser, but again, we need donations for this. The
> palemoon browser (under musl) is already being used in our own musl
> distro (TAZ), but we need to integrate the musl compilation directly
> into the browser to make the whole process easier (ie also for
> developing new TAZ releases). Donations are welcome at
> (sponsor button).

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