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Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2019 16:46:56 -0400
From: Drew DeVault <>
To: <>, <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] RISC-V: add riscv64 architecture support

Thanks for your patience, needed to wait until I returned from travel to
take another look here.

On Sun May 26, 2019 at 12:31 AM Rich Felker wrote:
> I don't understand why a_cas is defined here, and it's almost surely
> wrong since it has no barriers whatsoever. If a_cas is left undefined,
> it would be auto-defined in terms of a_ll and a_sc. But if we want to
> follow the ISA docs which place restrictions on the positioning of
> ll/sc and what can be done between them, I think we can't define a_ll
> and a_sc, but have to define a_cas (with proper barriers) and let
> everything else get defined in terms of it...

I don't grok the atomics code, to be honest. I'm not sure what the
resolution is here.

> This is probably gratuitous since there's no big endian ABI defined.
> Or if the intent is to have a big endian ABI, that needs to be
> reflected in reloc.h.

I don't know of any plans for a big-endian ABI. I've removed this for
the future v2, and addressed simliar concerns throughout.

> Is 2k min correct here? It's ABI so we should aim to get it right to
> begin with.

The spec doesn't recommend a minimum stack size afaict, so this as
reasonable as any other number to me.

> > +++ b/arch/riscv64/crt_arch.h
> > -%<-
> Is __global_pointer actually used in the hosted ABI?


> > +trycppif __riscv_float_abi_soft "$t" && SUBARCH=${SUBARCH}-sf
> Is -sp also supposed to be supported?


> OK, that probably looks like a lot, but very little if anything from
> it is blocking. I'm fine with taking patches or writing my own to fix
> up things after the initial commit, just as long as we make sure the
> initial commit doesn't have known ABI issues resolving whether big
> endian is supposed to be supported, and whether single-precision fpu
> is supposed to be supported, and what MINSIGSTKSZ should be, are the
> main ones I see. I also think the atomics are probably broken enough
> that it would be nice to get them fixed.

I've pushed a commit which addresses most of your feedback to the
staging branch of

> I'm working on trying to get musl-cross-make in shape so that I can
> test a build. At least binutils needs to be updated to a version with
> riscv support, and in updating it I need to make sure I get a version
> without the x86 regression or add a patch for it.. Hopefully I can
> start testing in the next day or two.

I can also give you shell access to a RISC-V box if you would prefer
to test with real hardware.

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