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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2019 17:14:37 +0100
From: Markus Wichmann <>
Subject: Re: FE Exception triggered by comparison

On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 03:09:54AM +1100, Damian McGuckin wrote:
> 	.ident	"GCC: (GNU) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-36)"

You might want to consider upgrading:

	.file	"nan.c"
	.section	.rodata.str1.1,"aMS",@progbits,1
	.string	"yes"
	.string	"no!"
	.string	"what %s\n"
	.section	.text.startup,"ax",@progbits
	.p2align 4,,15
	.globl	main
	.type	main, @function
	pxor	%xmm0, %xmm0
	subq	$8, %rsp
	.cfi_def_cfa_offset 16
	movabsq	$9218868437227405312, %rdx
	divsd	%xmm0, %xmm0
	leaq	.LC0(%rip), %rsi
	leaq	.LC3(%rip), %rdi
	movq	%xmm0, %rax
	btrq	$63, %rax
	cmpq	%rdx, %rax
	leaq	.LC1(%rip), %rax
	cmovbe	%rax, %rsi
	xorl	%eax, %eax
	call	printf@PLT
	xorl	%eax, %eax
	addq	$8, %rsp
	.cfi_def_cfa_offset 8
	.size	main, .-main
	.ident	"GCC: (Debian 8.2.0-14) 8.2.0"
	.section	.note.GNU-stack,"",@progbits

That sufficiently efficient for you?


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