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Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2019 10:13:50 -0500
From: r yang <>
Subject: Infinite loop in malloc

pmbootstrap is a development environment to build/install postmarketOS
(based on Alpine Linux) for Android devices. One of the things it does
is use qemu static to emulate an ARM based Alpine Linux chroot

There is a bug while compiling certain packages in the qemu ARM chroot.
The qemu process can get stuck in an infinite loop when calling malloc.

pmbootstrap uses Alpine Linux edge repositories. It's using the current
musl package version 1.1.20.

Here is a gdb backtrace.
#0  malloc (n=<optimized out>, n@...ry=9) at src/malloc/malloc.c:320
#1  0x0000000060184ad3 in g_malloc (n_bytes=n_bytes@...ry=9) at gmem.c:99
#2  0x000000006018bcab in g_strdup (str=<optimized out>, str@...ry=0x60200abf "call_rcu") at gstrfuncs.c:363
#3  0x000000006016e31d in qemu_thread_create (thread=thread@...ry=0x7ffe89fb1a10, name=name@...ry=0x60200abf "call_rcu",
    start_routine=start_routine@...ry=0x60174c00 <call_rcu_thread>, arg=arg@...ry=0x0, mode=mode@...ry=1) at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/util/qemu-thread-posix.c:526
#4  0x0000000060174b99 in rcu_init_complete () at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/util/rcu.c:327
#5  0x00000000601c4fac in __fork_handler (who=1) at src/thread/pthread_atfork.c:26
#6  0x00000000601be8db in fork () at src/process/fork.c:33
#7  0x000000006009d191 in do_fork (env=0x62ef0ed0, flags=flags@...ry=17, newsp=newsp@...ry=0, parent_tidptr=parent_tidptr@...ry=0, newtls=newtls@...ry=0,
    child_tidptr=child_tidptr@...ry=0) at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/linux-user/syscall.c:5528
#8  0x00000000600af894 in do_syscall1 (cpu_env=cpu_env@...ry=0x62ef0ed0, num=num@...ry=2, arg1=arg1@...ry=0, arg2=arg2@...ry=-8700192, arg3=<optimized out>, arg4=8,
    arg5=1015744, arg6=-75664, arg7=0, arg8=0) at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/linux-user/syscall.c:7042
#9  0x00000000600a835c in do_syscall (cpu_env=cpu_env@...ry=0x62ef0ed0, num=2, arg1=0, arg2=-8700192, arg3=<optimized out>, arg4=<optimized out>, arg5=1015744, arg6=-75664,
    arg7=0, arg8=0) at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/linux-user/syscall.c:11533
#10 0x00000000600c265f in cpu_loop (env=env@...ry=0x62ef0ed0) at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/linux-user/arm/cpu_loop.c:360
#11 0x00000000600417a2 in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=0x7ffe89fb5958, envp=<optimized out>) at /home/pmos/build/src/qemu-3.1.0/linux-user/main.c:819

It is taking the malloc code path where n <= MMAP_THRESHOLD. None of
the conditions which break from the for loop are met.

In the first condition the mask value is never zero:
    mask = mal.binmap & -(1ULL<<i);
    if (!mask) { ... }

Examining the value in gdb:
(gdb) printf "%X\n", mask

The bin head points to the bin itself so this condition is never met:
    c = mal.bins[j].head;
    if (c != BIN_TO_CHUNK(j)) { ... }

Examining the values in gdb:
(gdb) printf "%X\n", mal.bins[j].head
(gdb) printf "%X\n", (struct chunk *)((char *)(&mal.bins[j].head) - (2*sizeof(size_t)))

Reproducing this issue:
It is not always 100% reproducible. On occasion it will not get stuck
in an infinite loop. With my testing on 2 computers, will happen on
most attempts to compile.

$ git clone
$ cd pmboostrap

Configure pmbootstrap
$ ./ init

Enter an Android device when prompted.
Use device: samsung-i9100
Leave other settings as the default.

Check out the pmaports repository that will reproduce this issue.
$ cd /path/to/pmboostrap/aports
$ git remote add ryang2678
$ git fetch ryang2678 debug-musl-malloc
$ git checkout debug-musl-malloc

Compile qemu static with debug symbols.
Alpine Linux doesn't provide a qemu package with debug symbols.
The debug-musl-malloc branch contains a qemu APKBUILD with debugging
$ cd /path/to/pmboostrap
$ ./ build qemu

Try to compile networkmanager and wait for build to get stuck.
$ ./ build networkmanager --arch=armhf --force

To observe the stuck qemu process:

Enter chroot shell:
$ ./ chroot

Install musl debug symbols.
$ apk add musl-dbg

Get musl source code
$ cd /home/pmos
$ git clone git://
$ cd /home/pmos/musl
$ git checkout v1.1.20

Attach gdb to stuck process
$ gdb -tui /usr/bin/qemu-arm
directory /home/pmos/musl
attach <pid>

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