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Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 20:41:53 +0100
From: Arnd Bergmann <>
To:, y2038 Mailman List <>
Cc: Rich Felker <>, Adhemerval Zanella <>, 
	Maxim Kuvyrkov <>
Subject: Data structures defined by both linux and musl

I recently discussed with Rich about the work needed to get 64-bit time_t
support into musl. One of the first steps he identified was to find out which
interfaces we would want to abstract or wrap for a new ABI given that we
have to make a binary incompatible interface anyway.

I have found all the data structures that are provided by both the kernel
headers and the musl headers now, and annotated what I think we the
path forward could be. I already provided the same list on IRC, but
here is a (slightly updated) copy for everyone else.

The takeaway is that we probably need to add new definitions for
flock64, statfs, stat, termios, {msg,sem,shm}{buf,info,id_ds}, ipc_perm,
rlimit, rusage, sched_param, time_t, timeval, timespec, itimerval,
itimerspec, and timex, and then wrap all kernel interfaces that
use those.

The same list can also be helpful when we try to clean up the kernel
header files -- my idea was that we may want to prefix each struct
tag with __kernel_ as we do for typedefs, and then have a kernel
header that redefines them like

#define __kernel_flock flock
struct __kernel_flock {


/* sparc and mips are incompatible, keep wrapping flock64 */
include/uapi/asm-generic/fcntl.h:struct flock {
arch/mips/include/uapi/asm/fcntl.h:struct flock {

/* pt_regs and sigcontext are arch specific, cannot abstract */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/ptrace.h:struct pt_regs {
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/ptrace.h:struct user_regs_struct {
arch/arm64/include/uapi/asm/sigcontext.h:struct _aarch64_ctx {
arch/arm64/include/uapi/asm/sigcontext.h:struct esr_context {
arch/arm64/include/uapi/asm/sigcontext.h:struct extra_context {
arch/arm64/include/uapi/asm/sigcontext.h:struct sve_context {
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/sigcontext.h:struct sigcontext {

/* arch specific, has wrapper */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/signal.h:struct sigaction {
include/uapi/asm-generic/signal.h:struct sigaction {

/* arch specific, maybe add wrapper? */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/signal.h:typedef struct sigaltstack {
include/uapi/asm-generic/signal.h:typedef struct sigaltstack {

/* arch specific, need to look closer for incompatibilities */
include/uapi/asm-generic/siginfo.h:typedef struct sigevent {

/* arch specific, should add wrapper */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/statfs.h:struct statfs {
include/uapi/asm-generic/statfs.h:struct statfs {

/* arch specific, wrap statx instead */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/stat.h:struct stat {
include/uapi/asm-generic/stat.h:struct stat {
include/uapi/linux/stat.h:struct statx {
include/uapi/linux/stat.h:struct statx_timestamp {

/* arch specific, should wrap termios2 where possible,
 * need to check what musl does now */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/termbits.h:struct termios {
include/uapi/asm-generic/termbits.h:struct termios {

/* IPC: wrap them all */
include/uapi/linux/mqueue.h:struct mq_attr {
include/uapi/linux/msg.h:struct msgbuf {
include/uapi/linux/msg.h:struct msginfo {
include/uapi/linux/msg.h:struct msqid_ds {
include/uapi/linux/sem.h:struct sembuf {
include/uapi/linux/sem.h:struct semid_ds {
include/uapi/linux/sem.h:struct  seminfo {
include/uapi/linux/shm.h:struct shmid_ds {
include/uapi/linux/shm.h:struct shm_info {
include/uapi/linux/shm.h:struct    shminfo {

/* rlimit/rlimit64: keep using only rlimit64 */
include/uapi/linux/resource.h:struct rlimit {
include/uapi/linux/resource.h:struct rlimit64 {

/* rusuage: need to wrap: getrusage, wait4 */
include/uapi/linux/resource.h:struct    rusage {

/* wrapped already, replace with a more extensible one */
include/uapi/linux/sched/types.h:struct sched_param {

/* prctl(PR_SET_MM); broken in kernel compat mode?
 * could be wrapped if necessary */
include/uapi/linux/prctl.h:struct prctl_mm_map {

/* inconsistent amount of padding, maybe wrap */
include/uapi/linux/sysinfo.h:struct sysinfo {

/* time64: need to use 64-bit versions of time_t */
include/uapi/linux/time.h:timespec {
include/uapi/linux/time.h:struct itimerspec {

/* need to wrap */
include/uapi/linux/utime.h:struct utimbuf {
include/uapi/linux/time.h:timeval {
include/uapi/linux/time.h:struct itimerval {

/* no need to change */
include/uapi/linux/time.h:struct timezone {

/* probably need to wrap (depending on kernel decision) */
include/uapi/linux/timex.h:struct timex {

/* incompatible on x32 */
include/uapi/linux/times.h:struct tms {
include/uapi/linux/uio.h:struct iovec {

/* tape driver ioctls, musl copy is incompatible
 * on mips64, sparc64 */
include/uapi/linux/mtio.h:struct    mtget {
include/uapi/linux/mtio.h:struct    mtop {
include/uapi/linux/mtio.h:struct    mtpos {

/* compatible, no need to wrap */
include/uapi/asm-generic/fcntl.h:struct f_owner_ex {
include/uapi/asm-generic/poll.h:struct pollfd {
include/uapi/asm-generic/termios.h:struct winsize {
include/uapi/linux/acct.h:struct acct_v3
include/uapi/linux/eventpoll.h:struct epoll_event {
include/uapi/linux/fanotify.h:struct fanotify_event_metadata {
include/uapi/linux/fanotify.h:struct fanotify_response {
include/uapi/linux/signalfd.h:struct signalfd_siginfo {

/* fixed wire format */
include/uapi/linux/udp.h:struct udphdr {
include/uapi/linux/icmp.h:struct icmphdr {
include/uapi/linux/if_arp.h:struct arphdr {
include/uapi/linux/tcp.h:struct tcphdr {
include/uapi/linux/if_ether.h:struct ethhdr {
include/uapi/linux/ip.h:struct iphdr {

/* other network stuff, fixed format */
include/uapi/linux/icmpv6.h:struct icmp6_filter {
include/uapi/linux/if_arp.h:struct arpreq {
include/uapi/linux/if_arp.h:struct arpreq_old {
include/uapi/linux/if.h:struct ifconf  {
include/uapi/linux/if.h:struct ifmap {
include/uapi/linux/if.h:struct ifreq {
include/uapi/linux/if_packet.h:struct packet_mreq {
include/uapi/linux/if_packet.h:struct sockaddr_ll {
include/uapi/linux/in6.h:struct in6_addr {
include/uapi/linux/in6.h:struct ipv6_mreq {
include/uapi/linux/in6.h:struct sockaddr_in6 {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct group_filter {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct group_req {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct group_source_req {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct in_addr {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct in_pktinfo {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct ip_mreq  {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct ip_mreqn {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct ip_mreq_source {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct ip_msfilter {
include/uapi/linux/in.h:struct sockaddr_in {
include/uapi/linux/inotify.h:struct inotify_event {
include/uapi/linux/ipc.h:struct ipc_perm
include/uapi/linux/ipv6.h:struct in6_pktinfo {
include/uapi/linux/ipv6.h:struct ip6_mtuinfo {
include/uapi/linux/ipv6_route.h:struct in6_rtmsg {
include/uapi/linux/route.h:struct rtentry {
include/uapi/linux/tcp.h:struct tcp_diag_md5sig {
include/uapi/linux/tcp.h:struct tcp_info {
include/uapi/linux/tcp.h:struct tcp_md5sig {
include/uapi/linux/tcp.h:struct tcp_repair_window {
include/uapi/linux/un.h:struct sockaddr_un {

/* shared typedefs: all in ELF format; can't change */
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/elf.h:typedef ... elf_fpregset_t;
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/elf.h:typedef ... elf_greg_t;
arch/*/include/uapi/asm/elf.h:typedef elf_greg_t elf_gregset_t[ELF_NGREG];
arch/sparc/include/uapi/asm/uctx.h:} mcontext_t;
arch/sparc/include/uapi/asm/uctx.h:typedef struct ucontext ucontext_t;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct elf32_hdr Elf32_Ehdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct elf64_hdr Elf64_Ehdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct {...} Elf32_Shdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct {...} Elf64_Shdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct {...} Elf32_Chdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct {...} Elf64_Chdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct {...} Elf32_Nhdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef struct {...} Elf64_Nhdr;
include/uapi/linux/elf.h:typedef ...
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:typedef elf_gregset_t gregset_t;
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:   elf_gregset_t pr_reg;   /* GP registers */
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:typedef elf_greg_t greg_t;
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:typedef elf_gregset_t gregset_t;
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:typedef elf_fpregset_t fpregset_t;
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:struct elf_prpsinfo
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:struct elf_prstatus
include/uapi/linux/elfcore.h:struct elf_siginfo

/* sg.h missing from exported kernel headers, can't change */
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_iovec sg_iovec_t;
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_io_hdr sg_io_hdr_t;
include/scsi/sg.h-struct sg_scsi_id {
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_req_info  sg_req_info_t;
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_io_hdr Sg_io_hdr;
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_io_vec Sg_io_vec;
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_scsi_id Sg_scsi_id;
include/scsi/sg.h:typedef struct sg_req_info Sg_req_info;
include/scsi/sg.h-struct sg_header {

/* 32-bit on alpha, used in ustat (not provided by musl) */
include/uapi/asm-generic/posix_types.h:typedef __kernel_ulong_t __kernel_ino_t;
/* 64-bit on mips64, used in mtio (should fix?) and ustat */
include/uapi/asm-generic/posix_types.h:typedef int    __kernel_daddr_t;

/* 16 bit on older architectures but only used in IPC interfaces,
   which will get wrapped anyway */
include/uapi/asm-generic/posix_types.h:typedef unsigned int    __kernel_mode_t;
include/uapi/asm-generic/posix_types.h:typedef int
include/uapi/asm-generic/posix_types.h:typedef unsigned int    __kernel_uid_t;
include/uapi/asm-generic/posix_types.h:typedef unsigned int    __kernel_gid_t;

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