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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2018 06:23:38 -0400
From: Kylie McClain <>
Subject: New Exherbo+musl stage: 20180627

Hello again dear ol' list,

A new Exherbo stage for x86_64-pc-linux-musl has been created. I've been
getting back into Exherbo development again after a hiatus due to life
stuff (and an excursion into messing with a LLVM+libc+++musl distro
project), so hopefully we'll be seeing more work on musl in Exherbo.
My next goal is to get automatic stage creation going, and then
eventually getting more desktop components working without any issues.

There's been a lot of interesting developments since the last official
stage was made, and since we don't have automated stage building just
yet (humor me), I'll go over some of the improvements made since the
last stage email from me.

We now have the first official musl support in linux-headers. This means
that we will eventually not need patches for the headers. Currently,
there is only one patch being applied to the kernel which is still being
upstreamed, but as of 4.15 that is all that is needed for musl support.
I'm planning on upstreaming that patch in particular, but as of now
kernel headers should be working better than in the past.

Work the past year by Bjorn Pagen was very much appreciated, as this
stage was created using his as a base, and he's made plenty of commits
helping to add musl support to packages. Consider this a shout-out.

This stage comes after about a year or two without a musl stage. So, if
you're interested in hacking on Exherbo+musl, now's a better time than

As has been the case in the past, these stages do not come with any init
system by default. A list of init systems can be found at
<>, and OpenRC is still the
best supported alternative to systemd, which does not support musl libc
and likely never will.

Speaking of, it may be of interest may be the work that's been started
by Bjorn on s6-exherbo, which will intend to create a policy for the s6
init system and s6-rc on Exherbo.

The usual romance follows:

You'll always find the latest musl stage here:

And, a permalink to this stage version:

The sha256sum, for sha-ing your sums:

And you can also get the checksums from
<> or

The install guide, for guiding your install:

Eventually these will end up on <> once
automated stage building is completed. I plan to send out a final email
about stages once I have that completed, and that'll be the last on it
from me. The plan is to just redirect my stages directory to it so that
if anyone is using the links for my site they don't break too hard.

Lastly, if there's any issues with these stages you're free to take it
up with me on the internet boxing ring that is IRC @ #exherbo@...enode,
or just email me about it.


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