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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 19:27:38 -0500
From: Rich Felker <>
To: Reinoud Koornstra <>
Subject: Re: getting rid of some warnings

On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 02:37:19PM -0800, Reinoud Koornstra wrote:
> Hello Rich,
> I did compile against musl using the musl-gcc build from your scripts.
> ->MUSL-GCC/bin/x86_64-linux-musl-gcc -nostdinc
> -I/users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/ -Wall -g -o
> split_buff split_buff.c
> In file included from
> /users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/sys/types.h:70:0,
>                  from split_buff.c:4:
> /users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/endian.h: In
> function '__bswap32':
> /users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/endian.h:32:25:
> warning: suggest parentheses around arithmetic in operand of '|'
> [-Wparentheses]
>   return __x>>24 | __x>>8&0xff00 | __x<<8&0xff0000 | __x<<24;
>                    ~~~~~~^~~~~~~

This happened because you're not just using the musl-gcc wrapper
script, but passing -nostdinc and -I to get the system headers.
Instead either configure for the right include path so you don't need
to do this, or use -isystem instead of -I.

> /users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/endian.h:32:41:
> warning: suggest parentheses around arithmetic in operand of '|'
> [-Wparentheses]
>   return __x>>24 | __x>>8&0xff00 | __x<<8&0xff0000 | __x<<24;
>                                    ~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~
> /users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/endian.h: In
> function '__bswap64':
> /users/koorstra/MUSL-GCC/x86_64-linux-musl/include/endian.h:37:23:
> warning: suggest parentheses around '+' inside  <<' [-Wparentheses]
>   return __bswap32(__x)+0ULL<<32 | __bswap32(__x>>32);
>          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~
>  koorstra@...pefer ~
> ->readelf -d split_buff | grep NEEDED
>  0x0000000000000001 (NEEDED)             Shared library: []
>  koorstra@...pefer ~
> ->./split_buff
> -bash: ./split_buff: /lib/ bad ELF interpreter: No
> such file or directory
> How can I get rid of these warnings?
> Also, I guess I need to set the default library paths different?
> Any advice for this?
> Thanks,

If you dynamic link, the dynamic linker ("ELF interpreter") has to be
present at runtime. Your options are:

1. Install it in /lib as above.
2. Static link.
3. Explicitly invoke it from another location to run the program:
   /path/to/ ./split_buff ...
4. Configure musl with a different --syslibdir. Note that if you do
   this, programs you link will only work with ld-musl installed in
   the location you have it on your system, and won't be portable to
   standard musl-based systems.

I would recommend option 1 if it's your own system and you can, option
2 or 3 for something you need to ship (you can wrap option 3 with a
script), and option 4 if this is just for testing or personal use (not
shipping) on a system you don't have root on.


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