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Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2015 23:49:52 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Updating roadmap post-1.1.12

Now that the wiki is back up, I can update the roadmap on the wiki.

Goals that were met in the 1.1.12 release cycle:

- NOMMU enhancements:
  - FDPIC entry point and dynamic linker code
  - Support for FDPIC on at least one arch (SH2/J2)
- Removing crt/*/*crt1.s in favor of using crt_arch.h everywhere

A lot of other things not in the roadmap were achieved too; see the
release notes for 1.1.12 for details. The following however were
pushed back or only partly addressed:

- Making all ARM assembly thumb2-compatible for Cortex-M support
- Build system overhaul
- Merging atomics refactorization/deduplication
- Out-of-tree builds
- Cleaning up mcontext_t access in cancellation signal handler
- Enhanced LSB/glibc ABI-compat, especially fortify __*_chk symbols

Of these, much of the research work has been done to prepare for
making musl's ARM support thumb2-compatible. Now the actual changes
just need to be made and tested. Hopefully this can turn into at least
basic support for Cortex-M in the next release cycle, and possibly
even the new ARM FDPIC ABI - see:


I'm mostly moving the unfinished goals from 1.1.12 forward to 1.1.13
and renaming the old roadmap goals for 1.1.13 to be 1.1.14. Depending
on demand for new features, some of this could change, but there's
good momentum for development in the direction I've laid out. I'd also
really like to get the build system overhaul and bits deduplication
stuff done sooner rather than later so that new pending ports can

For reference in case the wiki has problems again, the goals I have
down for 1.1.13 at this time are:

Primary targets:
* Fixing any bugs found in the new SH/FDPIC support
* ARM Cortex-M support (thumb2-only, nommu) possibly with new FDPIC ABI
* Build system overhaul:
** Unifying static/shared libc object files
** Bits headers deduplication
** Out-of-tree builds
* Merging atomics refactorization/deduplication

Secondary targets:
* Merging in-progress MIPS n64 port
* Cleaning up mcontext_t access in cancellation signal handler (member
  names vs offset hacks)
* Enhanced LSB/glibc ABI-compat, especially fortify __*_chk symbols

Feedback and requests are welcome.


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