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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 03:09:26 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Re: Adjustments to roadmap

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 10:43:48PM -0400, Rich Felker wrote:
> Apologies for the slow progress lately. Don't worry though, there's
> still lots more good stuff to come for musl.

Based on this thread and consideration of what's in demand, I've
updated the roadmap on the wiki:

I've copied the text (which as always is subject to change) below for
reference. Malloc did not make the list yet since there's not much
that can be done without some serious design work and research; it's
still something on my mind but I don't know when progress is practical
to expect, and it very well could be post-1.2. I'm also holding off on
making any decisions on symbol versioning, though having resolved the
libgcc_s issue in some way is a goal for 1.1.13.

I do want to go ahead with the static/shared object files unification
since it's important to static-PIE deployment and fits in with the
build system overhaul that's been on the agenda for a long time now.
By virtue of static-PIE, it's also linked to the NOMMU support I'm
working on enhancing, which is intended to go into actual J2
deployments, but we might also get NOMMU ARM support as part of the
process since it has better toolchain support and will likely be
easier to develop and test the FDPIC functionality on.



= musl 1.1.12 =

Estimated release: September

Primary targets:
* NOMMU enhancements
** FDPIC entry point and dynamic linker code
** Making all ARM assembly thumb2-compatible for Cortex-M support
** Support for FDPIC on at least one arch
* Build system overhaul
** Unifying static/shared libc object files
** Bits headers deduplication
* Merging atomics refactorization/deduplication

Secondary targets:
* Out-of-tree builds
* Removing crt/*/*crt1.s in favor of using crt_arch.h everywhere
* Cleaning up mcontext_t access in cancellation signal handler (member
names vs offset hacks)
* Enhanced LSB/glibc ABI-compat, especially fortify __*_chk symbols

= musl 1.1.13 =

Estimated release: Late October

Primary targets:
* LC_COLLATE implementation
* IDN support in DNS resolver
* Message translation support for dynamic linker

Secondary targets:
* Further dynamic linker performance improvements and clean-up
* Resolving GCC symbol-versioning incompatibility issue - see
* Remapping of glibc-ABI-incompatible symbols (regexec, etc.) by
dynamic linker
* New getlogin[_r] with lookup via controlling tty

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