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Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 01:48:01 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: musl 1.1.11 released

This release introduces a new C locale aligned with future POSIX
requirements, allowing it to be used for applying regex and other
character-based operations to data which is not necessarily valid
UTF-8. The C locale is only used when explicitly requested via
environment variables or the application; default behavior is still
governed by the C.UTF-8 locale, which operates on whole multibyte

Support for musl's first NOMMU target, SH-2, is also added in this
release, along with groundwork for future NOMMU targets. A new
musl-clang compiler wrapper is provided to reuse a non-musl-targeted
host clang for building programs against musl, as was already possible
with gcc. Major performance enhancements have been made to the dynamic
linker. On ARM systems that support it, the vdso is now used to
accelerate clock_gettime. And debugger backtraces on i386 are improved
by a newly-added script to auto-generate call frame information for
asm source files.

The uselocale regression that slipped into the 1.1.10 release, as well
as many non-critical bugs, have been fixed. Most of these only
affected rarely-used interfaces or unusual usage cases. One
significant x86[_64] bug that could lead to soft-deadlock in
libc-internal locking, and multiple MIPS-, PowerPC-, ARM-, and
AArch64-specific bugs, were also fixed.

Thanks as always to musl's Patreon release sponsors:

* The Midipix Project (
* Hurricane Labs (
* Justin Cormack

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