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Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 22:09:58 +0000
From: Arjen Roodselaar <>
To: "" <>
Subject: Re: Trouble compiling musl for MIPS softfloat

Passing -Wa,-msoft-float to the assembler works like a charm. Reading your
reply I realized I had been looking for a way to pass this on to the
assembler but did not realize I should just pass that same flag. I guess
it was a long day yesterday. Thank you for the quick reply on this!

1.1.9 indeed produces a few of those warnings mentioned so for now I will
continue with 1.1.8. Rich, should I open an issue somewhere to make sure
this gets looked in to?

On 5/24/15, 5:45 AM, "Szabolcs Nagy" <> wrote:

>* Arjen Roodselaar <> [2015-05-24 04:36:52 +0000]:
>> I am trying to compile musl for use on devices powered by a MIPS 24kc,
>>a SoC without hardware floating point support. The supported target
>>architectures list specifically mentions this, but so far I have been
>>unable to get this working. In short, using mips-sf-linux-gnu as the
>>target in the configure step seems to enable soft float support as per
>>this output: 
>> When
>>linking however ld warns about a small number of files being compiled
>>with -mhard?float, resulting in to use -mhard?float:
>> This then
>>trickles down in anything I try to link against libc. Ignoring all this
>>and simply compiling hard-float binaries is causing problems when
>>executing malloc.
>> Tools used here:
>> Binutils-2.25
>> Gcc-4.8.4
>> Musl-1.1.9
>works here with
>i get an assembler warning for the crt asm though:
>{standard input}:32: Warning: macro instruction expanded into multiple
>instructions in a branch delay slot
>for this insn:
>         and $sp, $sp, -8
>which turns into
>  38:	2401fff8 	li	at,-8
>  3c:	03a1e824 	and	sp,sp,at
>(but this is not soft-float related, just the new start code in 1.1.9)
>> (I tried musl 1.0.5 and gcc 4.9.2 but neither seem to make a difference
>> Am I missing something here or is soft float support for MIPS currently
>>broken? Any help is appreciated.
>your problem seems to be that asm is assumed to be
>hardfloat by your toolchain.
>(ie the assembler does not get the -msoft-float flag
>you may try to add
>CFLAGS += -Wa,-msoft-float
>to your config.mak
>(i have no idea why this would be needed, you may want
>to send the build command and its output when -v added
>for one of the files that turned to hard float
> rm src/setjmp/setjmp.lo
> make src/setjmp/setjmp.lo
>and copy the build command, add -v to the end, and send us the
>command and output and maybe readelf -aW src/setjmp/setjmp.lo
>output too)

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