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Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 01:39:57 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Re: must test suite

On Thu, May 07, 2015 at 04:47:42AM +0000, wrote:
> Hello Sir,

> I am new learner of musl_libc and I don have much knowledge of gcc
> and its flag. So I build musl-1.0.3 over the x86_64 architecture for

FYI 1.0.3 has serious known bugs. If you want to stick with the 1.0.x
series you should update to the latest, 1.0.5, but that will probably
be the last release in the series. All new development is in 1.1.x.

> my embedded project and I am running libc-test linking it statically
> with musl. But when REPORT generated, it list down around 253 lines
> of errors. so I am not able to sort out that whether these are
> actually errors or I miss something while I am not much

Here's a summary of the expected failures with 1.1.8:

FAIL ./src/api/main.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/functional/wcstol-static.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/functional/wcstol.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/acosh.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/asinh.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/expm1l.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/j0.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/jn.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/jnf.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/lgamma.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/lgamma_r.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/lgammaf.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/lgammaf_r.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/sinh.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/sinhl.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/tgamma.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/y0.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/y0f.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/math/ynf.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/regression/malloc-brk-fail-static.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/regression/pthread-robust-detach-static.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/regression/pthread-robust-detach.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/regression/strverscmp-static.exe [status 1]
FAIL ./src/regression/strverscmp.exe [status 1]

I obtained the above form via "grep FAIL src/REPORT".

All of the math failures are very minor and can basically be ignored
unless you need the strict properties they're checking for. wcstol is
just reported because libc-test lacks some 64-bit versions of the
checks; it's not a bug in libc. main.exe fails because of some API
omissions for stuff that's stalled trying to coordinate with glibc,
IIRC. The pthread-robust failure is a bug that will be fixed in the
upcoming 1.1.9 release. strverscmp is also a bug with a patch pending
review. malloc-brk is a minor not-an-actual-bug issue.

> known woth gcc flags .so could you please share your knowledge with
> me regarding  how to debug with this error massages and how to get
> sure about compiled musl libc is correct.And will pe provide me the
> list of actual failed test cases of musl-1.0.3 with x86_64 if anyone
> done it before. so that i can analyse it more.
> Here is the list of environment,gcc version 4.4.6 201220305 (red hat
> 4.4.6-4)target x86-64 redhat linux musl-1..0.3
> Thanks in advance.

I'm not sure right off what failures you should expect with 1.0.3. I
believe there will be a few additional ones, including some tests for
the serious bugs in the 1.0.x series that were fixed in 1.0.4 and


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