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Date: Sat, 07 Mar 2015 14:20:10 -0500
From: Devan Franchini <>
Subject: GSoC 2015 project "Porting Musl to RISC-V"

Hello musl mailing list,

I'd like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Devan Franchini
and I'm
a senior student at D'Youville college in Buffalo, New York.  I'm currently
working on my bachelor's degree in IT, which is a software engineering
and I'll hopefully be free from the shackles of structured education
come next

Last night I joined the #musl channel in IRC and briefly discussed my
in working on the GSoC project in which I would be porting the musl C
over to the RISC-V architecture. Here's a little bit about my background:

* At D'Youville College I've been guided by the tutelage of Dr. Basile
  (blueness at, who has exposed me to my passion for
  development including but not limited to C standard libraries and
system building.
* I've been working with Linux for five years and Gentoo Linux in particular
  for three of those five years. This has given me a greater
understanding of
  Linux internals and its underlying beauties.
* I have successfully completed two GSoCs. After my first GSoC I worked with
  blueness and became a Gentoo developer.
* I'm familiar with open-source development including version control
  systems (git and CVS), bug reports, submitting patches via bug reports or
  email, and test suites.
* My strongest programming languages are Python, C, and C++, in that order.
* I have taken a class dedicated solely to Linux system programming and I'm
  familiar with POSIX, XOPEN, SUSv3 and SUSv4 standards. The text we used is
  "The Linux Programming Interface" by Michael Kerrisk.
* I have worked with x86, and mips assembly code but I'd be lying if I
said I
  remember most of it. However, I am quite capable of getting back on the
  proverbial assembly horse.

I've already discussed with Dr Basile my interest in this project and he
he'd be willing to work with me through the summer as well since he
integrated musl into Gentoo.

As of last night I was working on setting up a build environment for this
project and have successfully built the tool-chain for riscv64 and the rest
of the tool suite with instruction provided here:

Hopefully I'll have this opportunity to work on porting the musl C
library to
new ground in the form of the RISC-V architecture.

With Regards,
    Devan Franchini

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