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Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 18:04:15 -0400
From: "" <>
Subject: Re: libgcc errors

On 10/09/2014 05:43 PM, Samuel Holland wrote:
> On October 9, 2014 4:08:35 PM CDT, stephen Turner <> wrote:
>> Thanks Samuel,
>> I would use the musl-gcc wrapper (and have) however once gcc is compiled
> >from it then it does not support dynamic linking due to the lack of --host
>> (suggested) or --target (what seems more appropriate to me) specified in
>> the configure flags. If i do specify it then i get all kinds of crazy
>> errors

These errors are partly the result of how gcc passes environment 
variables to the configure scripts and make recipes in its 
sub-directories.  In cbb, such errors were the motivation for 1) not 
using musl-gcc directly, but rather passing -specs=$specs_file to the 
gcc configure script, and 2) using the $script_xgcc_for_specs 
environment variable, and applying the related patch to gcc's

>> which is why i consulted this mailing list in the first place since
>> i have tried googling my way through documentation for a month prior to
>> asking for help.
> It took me an entire summer to figure this all out.

+1 :)

>> Its my inexperienced opinion that simply switching libs from glibc6 to musl
>> should be relatively easy compared to the full cross compile. To me it
>> seems like it would be as easy as specifying a new lib when rebuilding gcc
>> and that would be all.
> It would be that easy if everything was statically linked.
>> let me ask you one quick question. I went to the musl-cross website on
>> bitbucket/gregorr and grabbed the patch for 4.7.3, is that a good working
>> patch and gcc version? (all my errors seem to stem from compiling gcc) and
>> is there any special way to download it or just click the raw button and
>> wget the link  then "patch -Np1 -i"?
> That is the correct file, and there is no special way to download it. Those steps will work. Your problems are not caused by a bad patch, but pollution from your host libc and toolchain. Dynamic linking is hard to get rid of. (I'm trying to avoid a rant here...)
> If I might ask, what is your end goal? Maybe you'd have a better time starting with something like Alpine or Sabotage.

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