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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 14:18:55 +0200
From: Waldemar Brodkorb <>
Subject: Re: Building a solid musl automated-testing framework

Rich Felker wrote,

> I'd like to figure out how to setup the openadk test framework, or
> adapt things from it, for automated testing all musl ports. The repo
> is here:
> There's a lot of stuff hard-coded for the openadk toolchains, whereas
> I'd like to be able to use it with the musl-cross toolchains which are
> more canonical. The scripts also seem to be incompatible with busybox
> (using GNU features in something for making the initramfs, probably
> cpio?). And by default it tries to test musl 1.0.1 and doesn't have an
> obvious way to test from git.

I have copied the adk-test-framework logic to a new project.;a=summary

It is more general and supports buildroot instead of openadk to make
tests of toolchain building and runtime testing for glibc, uclibc,
uclibc-ng and musl.

The benefit is, you do not need any ready to go kernel and userland,
because everything got compiled from scratch. So any fixes to 
kernel config or userland can be done.

If there is an interest, I can add support for using an existing
toolchain (like musl-cross) to build a kernel and userland to do
the runtime testing.

I already removed, --quiet parameter from cpio, to provide better
usabilty on busybox based systems.

The old adk-toolchains will be removed soon. They are only for 
Linux x86_64 and dynamically linked. I may be provide some ready to
go toolchains for Linux/x86 statically linked with musl.

With you can build musl git or 1.1.4.

Without -s the version of the build system (here 1.1.4 is used)
./ -l musl -v openadk 
With -s pointing to a musl-git tree, this version is used:
./ -l musl -v openadk -s musl-git/

A basic bootup test can be used:
./ -l musl -v openadk -b
Or the libc-test suite:
./ -l musl -v openadk -t

As default all build system specific architectures are build.
You can just build arm with "-a arm".

If you have any suggestions or improvements I can add them.
I would like to keep using shell, without make for the basic

best regards

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