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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2014 01:59:07 -0400
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: Progress towards 1.1.4

A lot of off-the-roadmap stuff has come up lately that's prevented
making progress towards the roadmap goals for 1.1.4: all the problems
I've been fixing with atomics and stat bits on the less-used archs,
patch submissions, dealing with gcc 4.9.1 still being broken, and
fixing various bugs I found in the process working on all of the

As for the roadmap, getting the or1k port merged was a big step. I've
been working with Stefan Kristiansson on support for porting for quite
a while, and now that it's merged and my role is back to just applying
fixes as they come up, I should be able to get back to the other tasks
that are remaining.

The big ones at this point are:

- Adding locale file loading. There's still some "policy" stuff to be
  discussed with regards to what env vars get used, etc. but I think
  the discussions so far have produced enough ideas that the big
  remaining task is actual implementation.

- Merging and hardening the mo-file lookup code I wrote (as discussed
  in the earlier mailing list threads, it should be hardened in case
  untrusted files ever get used) and enabling LC_TIME and LC_MESSAGES

- Implementing punycode encode/decode (and possibly stringprep? only
  if needed to avoid introducing related security weaknesses) for IDN

- Solving the long-standing if_nameindex and getifaddrs lack of
  support for unconfigured and v6-only interfaces.

Given other non-musl things I need to get done, I'm not sure if all of
the above will happen by the end of the month. We could push the
release back a bit, or possibly omit one or both of the last two
items, although I know they've been getting pushed back for quite a
while now. I don't want to omit the locale stuff since making a
release with the framework but no functionality looks really bad (the
cost is there, but none of the benefits).


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