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Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 16:08:19 -0600
From: James Gregurich <>
Subject: mistake in powerpc clone.s?


I was tracking down some odd behavior in the debugger that makes it at least appear as if a stack corruption has occurred. I followed it to clone.s.

could  the following be a mistake? Notice that r30 is stored to $r1 - 16 while it is restored to $r1 + 0.   When I step through this code in the debugger, once 'stwu 30, -16(1)’ is executed gdb claims the stack is corrupted…and this corruption persists up into my project code. I suspect the -16 should be a 0. Comments?

# store non-volatile regs r30, r31 on stack in order to put our
# start func and its arg there
stwu 30, -16(1)
stw 31, 4(1)


# restore stack
lwz 30, 0(1)
lwz 31, 4(1)
addi 1, 1, 16


gdb log:

(gdb) bt   
#0  0x01922e14 in clone ()
#1  0x0191d364 in __posix_spawnx (
    res=<unknown type in /root/test/SuperNodeDmx.elf.debug, CU 0x128482, DIE 0x1284b9>, 
    path=<unknown type in /root/test/SuperNodeDmx.elf.debug, CU 0x128482, DIE 0x1284c8>, exec=0x1926b30 <execve>, fa 
    attr=<unknown type in /root/test/SuperNodeDmx.elf.debug, CU 0x128482, DIE 0x1284f5>, argv=0xbffff7e8, envp=0xbff6
Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)
(gdb) disass
Dump of assembler code for function clone:
   0x01922e10 <+0>:     stwu    r30,-16(r1)
=> 0x01922e14 <+4>:     stw     r31,4(r1)
   0x01922e18 <+8>:     mr      r30,r3
   0x01922e1c <+12>:    mr      r31,r6
   0x01922e20 <+16>:    mr      r3,r5
   0x01922e24 <+20>:    mr      r5,r7
   0x01922e28 <+24>:    mr      r6,r8
   0x01922e2c <+28>:    mr      r7,r9
   0x01922e30 <+32>:    li      r0,120
   0x01922e34 <+36>:    sc      
   0x01922e38 <+40>:    bns+    0x1922e40 <clone+48>
   0x01922e3c <+44>:    neg     r3,r3
   0x01922e40 <+48>:    cmpwi   cr7,r3,0
   0x01922e44 <+52>:    bne-    cr7,0x1922e5c <clone+76>
   0x01922e48 <+56>:    mr      r3,r31
   0x01922e4c <+60>:    mtctr   r30
   0x01922e50 <+64>:    bctrl
   0x01922e54 <+68>:    li      r0,1
   0x01922e58 <+72>:    sc      
   0x01922e5c <+76>:    lwz     r30,0(r1)
   0x01922e60 <+80>:    lwz     r31,4(r1)
   0x01922e64 <+84>:    addi    r1,r1,16
   0x01922e68 <+88>:    blr
End of assembler dump.

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