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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2013 20:33:20 -0500
From: Rich Felker <>
Subject: draft release notes for 0.9.15

See draft below. Comments welcome, especially on what's the most
important to go in the short release blurb since there's so much..


DRAFT 0.9.15 release notes

new features:
- support for mixing IPv4 and v6 nameserver addresses in resolv.conf
- RFC 3678 multicast structures/macros in netinet/in.h
- putspent and fgetspent functions (shadow password API)
- timef function (obsolete, removed in POSIX 2008)
- semtimedop syscall (Linux-specific sysvipc extension)
- drem and finite functions (obsolete BSD functions)
- getloadavg function (non-standard)
- now stores and prints its version information
- expose constants for new Linux features including O_TMPFILE

bugs fixed:
- buffer overflow in mbsrtowcs
- clobbering of gr_name in getgrnam_r and getgrgid_r
- execle ignoring the environment argument
- setenv crash on malloc failure
- failure of malloc to set errno when failing to extend heap
- incorrect errno value from getcwd with zero size
- spurious failure in faccessat with AT_EACCESS flag with suid/sgid programs
- several fd leaks due to missing close-on-exec flag
- misspellings/typos in macro names in several headers
- incorrect failure return value in inet_pton
- various numeric ip address parsing and validation fixes
- namespace conformance issues in several headers
- minor header issues
- zombie processes left by faccessat with AT_EACCESS
- timezone file parser failing/crashing on 64-bit archs
- timezone path search was only trying first path
- incorrect handling of excessive-length TZ environment strings
- timezone file loading was wrongly enforcing O_NOFOLLOW/rejecting symlinks
- iswspace was wrongly returning true for the null character
- various bugs in wordexp
- putgrent could write corrupt lines after write failures
- dn_expand misinterpreted in-packet offsets greater than 255
- spurious strftime/wcsftime failure on len+1==bufsize case
- incorrect underflow flag in fma corner cases
- log*(0) wrongly returned +inf in downward-rounding mode

i386-specific bugs fixed:
- failure of fesetround to set sse rounding mode
- floating point limit constants interpreted wrong due to excess precision

powerpc-specific bugs fixed:
- broken thread pointer access when compiled with clang

strict conformance issues:
- NULL definition re-aligned with POSIX (requires (void *) cast)
- alignment of math.h is* comparison functions with C11 annex F requirements

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