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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 23:04:52 +0000
From: Laurent Bercot <>
Subject: Re: Pending patches/issues before 0.9.15 release?

> according to the official tzdata code the "right/" directory
> is obsolete and different path is used for this now

  Oh ? I will definitely investigate this more.

> "The advantage of this scheme is that TAI−10 uniquely refers
> to an instant in time, and the difference between two such
> values determines the interval between these instants"
> is not true, a single time coordinate cannot uniquely refer to
> an instant in time (TAI only specifies the frame of reference
> since 1977, before that it was largely nonsense and after that
> it only measures the time somewhat accurately for observers at
> sea level in rest, but eg outside the gravity well of earth it
> is off by 22ms/year)

  Until we can go back to before 1977 or have computers outside the
gravity well of Earth, this is not what matters. What matters is that
we need a linear measure of time to synchronize our system clocks on,
and TAI is exactly this.

> knowing that TAI is non-conforming you need to provide a strong
> use-case for it

  I believe that Linux kernels crashing all over the world because of
a leap second happening makes a pretty strong case for not having the
system clock jump around. There are several solutions for that, but
none of them is simpler than just ignoring the drift at a system level
and perform conversions in userland when needed.
  I'll follow Rich's advice and try to provide a musl patch that's
minimally invasive, when I've found the right way to proceed with


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