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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2013 21:51:25 +0400 (MSK)
From: Alexander Monakov <>
Subject: Static analyzers results on musl


>From reading recent archives, it appeared to me there was some interest in
applying source code analysis tools to musl.  My co-workers helped me run a
couple of tools on musl, so here are the results.

Szabolcs kindly assisted with hosting Clang Analyzer results at  

The analyzer was run on today's sources (commit 38a0a4d).  The build with
make -j4 was interrupted at some point during building PIC objects; I presume
at that point all non-PIC code was built, and the analyzer saw all source
code, except maybe some #ifdef SHARED sections.

My take on those:
 - 2 sizeof mismatch warnings make sense
 - 19+1 "dead code" warnings are helpful
 - "Out-of-bound array access" in glob.c appears to be a false positive (?)
 - There are many "garbage"/"undefined" warnings where the variable in
   question is passed to a syscall by reference and expected to be initialized
   there, unless error is signalled; it's quite unfortunate to have many false
   positives like that
 - I have not attempted to investigate "dereference of null" warnings

I also have results from another static analysis tool developed internally
were I work.  Here's a few hand-picked additional warnings.  I ran the tool
without updating git first, so the tree was from September 9 (commit ff4be70).
Sorry about that.

setenv.c:21  malloc return value not checked

getspnam_r.c  I wonder if there's a window between opening the file and
pthread_cleanup_push where the handle would leak? (this is not what the tool

vfwprint.c:354  va_end not called on error return path

regcomp.c:807  sizeof mismatch; don't know why not flagged by clang

getifaddrs.c:92  the code trusts the kernel that the fifth token would not be
longer than IFNAMSIZ :)

There are a few warnings that return value of .*nl_langinfo.* is not checked
for NULL before use; presumably that is by design.

Hope that helps.


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