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Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2013 21:14:15 -0500
From: Rob Landley <>
Subject: Re: Request for volunteers

On 07/08/2013 02:40:38 AM, Szabolcs Nagy wrote:
> * Rob Landley <> [2013-07-04 13:05:06 -0500]:
> > >5. Rigorous testing. My ideal vision of this role is having  
> somebody
> > >   who takes a look at each bug fix committed and writes test cases
> > >   for the bug and extrapolates tests for possible related bugs  
> that
> > >   haven't yet been found. And who reads the glibc bug tracker so  
> we
> > >   can take advantage of their bug reports too.
> >
> > Is the Linux Test Project relevant?
> >
> most of their tests are for kernel related features
> some of them are pretty outdated (stress testing floppy io..)
> and not very high quality (mostly written by ibm folks)
> there is a large set of 'openhpi' tests and the entire
> posix_testsuit (already audited), there is a fair amount
> of network tests, mostly sctp and nfs
> it seems a bit messy and not quite what we want

The Linux Foundation was formed by the merger of OSDL with the Linux  
Standards Group to form "a voltron of bureaucracy", so I'm not  
surprised their actual testing and standardization functions  
essentially stopped.

The purpose of OSDL was to provide Linus Torvalds with a salary  
independent of any specific company. Unfortunately, the amount of money  
companies contributed to it was well above Linus's needs, they went on  
to justify _having_ so much money by getting offices and hiring people,  
meaning instead of a trust fund now they needed more money on a regular  

So they set themselves up as "the face of Linux" for corporations the  
same way AOL set itself up as the face of the internet for dialup users  
in the 1990's, and promised that they could translate between suit and  
geek. And they got very very good at talking to suits (where the money  
comes from), and are baffled by the _existence_ of hobbyists. (People  
do open source without geting paid? Inconceivable! They can't possibly  
be relevant to the process, they're just hangers-on mooching off our  
extensively funded work. Free riders we tolerate for historical  

So yeah, not surprising if LSB became a corporate rubber stamp. Sad,  
but not surprising.


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