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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 16:11:29 +0200
From: Gregor Pintar <>
Subject: Re: High-priority library replacements?

2013/4/30, Szabolcs Nagy <>:
> * Gregor Pintar <> [2013-04-30 11:58:26 +0200]:
>> 2013/4/30, Szabolcs Nagy <>:
>> > * Gregor Pintar <> [2013-04-30 08:32:26 +0200]:
>> >> My idea was that program would be correct, if it inputs too much data
>> >> to hash function. It is very cheap to implement in most algorithms
>> >> (detect counter overflow). Otherwise program has to count it himself.
>> >
>> > i dont think the program has to count
>> >
>> > eg in case of sha1 if you know that the throughput is less than
>> > 10gbps then it takes more than 50years to overflow
>> >
>> Blowfish can encrypt max 128GB.
> i see, i didn't know this
> i wonder how often do ppl check the return value
> (eg you don't seem to do it in your tests)
I wrote tests only to see if implementation is close to correct. Most
tests doesn't even work (they were not updated when api changed). So
tests are not even close to finished.

>> > in theory there might be use-cases where the overflow could occure
>> > in which case reporting error makes sense, but it seems to me that
>> > can be avoided by the proper choice of algorithm or reasonable
>> > application design
>> >
>> Choice of algorithm is not mine.
> i meant that if a tool is used for something that it was not
> designed for then that's a user error not a tool error
> the lib looks fine otherwise, but the hard parts are missing for tls
> (rsa,dsa,ecdsa require a bignum library, tls requires a parser for a
> lot of complex formats)
Yes, I know I will probably use libtommath (for start) and public key
crypto will probably be ported from libtomcrypt (twofish is also form
libtomcrypt). tls/ssl will probably be separate.

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