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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 07:58:20 +0100
From: pierre <>
Subject: Re: dladdr()

> is dladdr otherwise working correctly for you now?

In the simple example I provided, it always works.
I have added loaded modules with conflicting symbols
and dladdr() also works as expected.

But for my main application (which populates backtraces
with dladdr), musl dladdr() works in DEBUG mode and 
crashes in RELEASE mode. I did not have time to isolate
the problem in a reproducible code snippet but I will
let you know when I have done that.

Knowing that dladdr() crashes should help you anyway:
it might be related to searching addresses that are 
out of the specified module scope (stack smashing?), or
to the ability to be resilient to introspecting itself 
(hence the success of the musl DEBUG code, as well as 
of the bulky GLIBC).

I don't use BSD so I can't tell what they _do_.

I appreciate musl and intend to contribute, especially
in the areas where my application is using libc in 
cornersome areas.

I also find the idea of a musl-based Linux distro rather
attractive as it will immensely reduce the surface of


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