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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 16:47:06 +0400
From: ojab <>
Subject: Re: Status of 1.0 wishlist items?

On 14.12.2012 02:03, Rich Felker wrote:
>> - Development stack (GCC, LLVM/clang, GDB, strace, ...)
> Has anybody built LLVM/clang on musl? I believe the set of patches
> needed for GDB has been reduced quite a bit now, but I'm not sure what
> the status on strace is...

LLVM/clang (x86_64) builds (on sabotage) with the small patch (in the 
attached file), but there are 15 test failing (mostly segfaults at 
include/llvm/Type.h:133, see attached log):

Failing Tests (15):
     LLVM :: Instrumentation/AddressSanitizer/instrument_global.ll
     LLVM :: 
     LLVM :: Instrumentation/ThreadSanitizer/atomic.ll
     LLVM :: Instrumentation/ThreadSanitizer/read_before_write.ll
     LLVM :: Instrumentation/ThreadSanitizer/read_from_global.ll
     LLVM :: Instrumentation/ThreadSanitizer/tsan_basic.ll
     LLVM :: Instrumentation/ThreadSanitizer/vptr_update.ll
     LLVM :: Other/close-stderr.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/fprintf-1.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/fputs-1.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/osx-names.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/stpcpy-1.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/stpcpy_chk-1.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/strcmp-1.ll
     LLVM :: Transforms/InstCombine/strcpy_chk-1.ll

In "[musl] Summary of 1.0 marketing plan/scheme/nefarious plot from 
IRC." thread there is pt. "- push "musl support" patches to other 
projects upstream all at once" — it's better to send patches to musl@ 
mail-list and leave it here or what?

//wbr ojab

View attachment "llvm-musl.diff" of type "text/plain" (974 bytes)

View attachment "llvm_fails.log" of type "text/plain" (7492 bytes)

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