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Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2012 22:04:55 -0800
From: Isaac Dunham <>
Subject: Re: [ANN] sabotage 0.9.7 milestone (x86[_64]) release

On Tue, 06 Nov 2012 17:34:38 +0100
John Spencer <> wrote:

> fixed:
> - X11 finally works well (use startx to launch)
> - lxde desktop is now polished and functional
> - alsa works (need to run "alsactl init 3", and a ~/.asoundrc which 
> points to card 3, device 0
>    see 
Hmm. I was just using OSS emulation on top of ALSA, and that worked nicely OOB (cmix for volume, mpg123 for audio)
Also, I suspect that the alsactl command will be different on some hardware.
> - 2 kernels (enter sabotage-grsec at boot prompt for grsec kernel, the 
> default kernel is non-grsec)
> - many bugfixes for Gtk and Glib using programs that caused UB
> - possibility to switch keyboard layouts: use "loadkeys" in linux 
> console (see usage text), or edit /etc/xinitrc for X11
> updated programs:
> - musl 0.9.7
> - luajit 2.0 beta 11 hotfix 1 (mostly equivalent to luajit 2.0.0 
> release, which will be out tomorrow)
> - gcc 4.5.4
> still missing:
> - a desktop browser that comes with minimal dependencies (currently only 
> lynx can be used to browse the interwebs)
So you don't have Links2 yet? 

 openssl | gnutls
 libz, liblzma, bzip2 (transparent decompression)
 -libz, while optional, should be enabled or some sites won't work.
 libpng (1.2, NOT 1.5!)
At least one of:
 linux-headers (for fbdev) | SDL | X11 headers | svgalib |directfb
 libjpeg, libtiff (more image formats)

You'll need to specify 
/configure --enable-graphics --with-gpm --with-x --with-fb \
--x-includes=... --x-libraries=... --with-ssl

to get it to build with GUI. I didn't need patches.

If I recall correctly, Dillo3 can be built if you have fltk1.3.
It gives you partial CSS support.

Netsurf would be the other browser to try compiling, IMHO.
And it's unfortunate that OWB seems to be gone; it was a WebKit/SDL browser

> git repo and issue tracker
> read COOKBOOK and README in the git repo for further usage info.

Isaac Dunham <>

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