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Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2012 17:34:38 +0100
From: John Spencer <>
Subject: [ANN] sabotage 0.9.7 milestone (x86[_64]) release

- X11 finally works well (use startx to launch)
- lxde desktop is now polished and functional
- alsa works (need to run "alsactl init 3", and a ~/.asoundrc which 
points to card 3, device 0
   (the alsa test program "speaker-test" doesnt work, it is buggy 
(SIGFPE), use lxmusic to test.)
   to set volume use alsamixer.
- 2 kernels (enter sabotage-grsec at boot prompt for grsec kernel, the 
default kernel is non-grsec)
- many bugfixes for Gtk and Glib using programs that caused UB
- possibility to switch keyboard layouts: use "loadkeys" in linux 
console (see usage text), or edit /etc/xinitrc for X11

updated programs:
- musl 0.9.7
- luajit 2.0 beta 11 hotfix 1 (mostly equivalent to luajit 2.0.0 
release, which will be out tomorrow)
- gcc 4.5.4

still missing:
- a desktop browser that comes with minimal dependencies (currently only 
lynx can be used to browse the interwebs)
- latest xchat + current patches from git

the images can be directly used in qemu, however qemu i386 seems to have 
a bug which affects the grsec kernel
to use the images in Virtual Box, use "VBoxManage convertfromraw" to 
convert the img to VDI format,
and after booting the image, edit /bin/X and uncomment the virtual-box 
specific stuff).
see earlier release announcements for how to access the rootfs by 
mounting the imagefile directly.

root password is sabotage ~150 MB
3e03af6986bf63c82f8dff9f4926e18340e8b406cd415bc85a8a58a19e62f32c8bafb628d3228f1f5f3b68b2ff648ae35c3464489eafbca984b01b505661359d ~170 MB

the images extract to a 4GB imagefile (about 1.5 GB in use).

git repo and issue tracker

read COOKBOOK and README in the git repo for further usage info.

to remove an unwanted package, use butch-unlink packagename (that 
removes the symbolic links) and then rm -rf /opt/packagename.
before using butch, the package manager, cd into /src and run ". 
config", to set up the required ENV variables.

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