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Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 17:46:37 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Help-wanted tasks for musl

>> Analysis of Gregor's pkgsrc failure results
>> Gregor Richards has run the whole NetBSD pkgsrc build (over 10k
packages) against musl and posted reports to the mailing list and wiki.
Some analysis on the most frequent causes of failure could be extremely
helpful to improving compatibility. It would also be nice to identify
major dependency failures that can be fixed (either in the upstream
package if it's buggy, or in musl if it's due to missing features) so
that the packages which depend on them can be tested too. I'm looking
to get results in the form of "we should fix X and Y and Z and then
lots more packages will work".
> ISTR that Gregor has something that gives him scores for how important
different packages are.

This is mvd.txt in the results tarball. (see
Higher scores (at the top) mean more valuable/more packages stopped here.
And looking at what it says, I see these scores:
Ruby193-base: 904
pari: 674
qt3-libs: 394
qt4-libs: 358
libf2c: 282
g95: 152
SDL: 135

> I look at this once in a while already, but now that I've done a little
repartitioning, should be able to do a little more...
> Just for a brief overview of a few things:
> -SDL: patches haven't been merged
> -There are at least a dozen packages that should be building, per my own
tests without pkgsrc, but aren't.
> -e2fsprogs provides libcomerr, so I suspect blocks zephyr, which blocks
> -avahi is semi-important
> -ruby has been one of the higher-priority ones to fix
> -R needs g77 or gfortran a/k/a g95 (I have g77, but that's not in
> Also needs lapack & blas which need the same.
> Octave needs all of the above, plus more...
> I suspect that applying musl patches to gcc-core, and untarring gfortran
on that, would be adequate-that's what I did for g77.
> -qt3 & qt4 libs won't build OOB.

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