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Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2012 15:35:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Latest pkgsrc results [What builds on musl?]

>>> Breakdown:
>>> Most valuable dependencies:
>> IIRC the wiki's not up right now, but this seems like something that
>> would
>> be useful to post there.
> I was pushing on the wiki for exactly this reason ;)
>>> Some notes:
>>> Ruby doesn't build for stupid reasons (the docs don't build). I haven't
>>> investigated, but it might be pkgsrc-specific. I'm told it works
>>> elsewhere. PHP and SDL have patches I have not yet integrated.
>> I can send patches for libowfat, if you want. (I know it's not great
>> code, but I wanted dietsniff, so I patched both...)
> I certainly won't argue.
>> I may look into editors/ted and wm/icewm, since icewm is one of my
>> favorite wms and Ted is the wordprocessor I usually use.
I still have to get libpcre so it will build, but looking at make -i, Ted
_seems_ to be simply wanting _XOPEN_SOURCE (or _GNU_SOURCE or
_BSD_SOURCE), so it gets the M_* defines in math.h. (the only files that
didn't build were the one that #include'd pcre.h, and a few that errored
on M_PI and M_SQRT1_2

(most of you probably know this, but anyhow,
make -i 2>&1 |tee $LOGFILE
 (I use busybox tee), then grep error: $LOGFILE, helps find where the
problems are)
> If you just want the pkgsrc patches, you can
> either use snowflake/pkgsrc-patches (broken down by package) or
> snowflake/core/patches/pkgsrc-musl.diff (all in one). Use pkgsrc 2012Q1
> for easiest patching, I haven't updated to Q2 yet. I intend to right
> about now, since this build is over.
> (To listeners-in, Snowflake is )

Ah yes...I still haven't bothered setting up Python or Mercurial...and I'd
been hoping to avoid anything other than git as long as possible ;).

Isaac Dunham

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