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Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 22:28:14 +0200
From: Luka Marčetić <>
Subject: Re: Daily reports: Wednesday

I looked over the rest of the test data in numeric.c and changed quite a 
bit of other things in the process. It's now ready for usage, and I'd 
like to ask Rich to please comment on output of the musl-gcc-compiled 
binary (you may need to comment out wcsto[f|d|ld] if musl doesn't 
support them yet). Let me know if there are any objections to the tests. 
I'll try to make a nice make file today.

As for the future, I'm planing on making the cluts.c framework, and this 
is what I intend for it to do:

* find 'test collections' using dirent.h (haven't used it yet, but 
shouldn't be hard to learn I guess)
* fork off for each test collection and execl() each one
* simple statistics based on the status provided by wait()

That much I guarantee to be done tomorrow. When that's done I'm going to 
implement these additional features:

* advanced statistics(via what will be common/ipc.c): shared memory with 
two integers for each 'test collection' which will indicate:
     a) number of tests that have begun executing (incremented before 
each test starts by the child)
     b) number of successful tests
     The pointer to shared memory will be passed as an argument to the 
child (test collection). From a) the framework will be able to know 
which test number has crashed the collection. If the collection returns, 
the framework will be able to calculate the success rate by dividing b) 
with a).
* a few features which the user can invoke via some switches (using 
standard tokenizing functions - need to study them first):
     -v --verbose without which collections will not print anything 
     -t --test <test1>[,<test2>,...]  specific tests to execute
     -x --exclude <test1>[,<test2>,...] exceptionally excluded tests
     -h --help etc

Comments and suggestions are very welcome. Especially any advice about 
includes and .h files is welcome, I am new to structuring files in C.

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