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Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 09:38:48 +0100
From: Romain Perier <>
To: Steven Rostedt <>
Cc: Kees Cook <>, 
	Kernel Hardening <>, Ingo Molnar <>, 
	Linux Kernel Mailing List <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH 16/20] tracing/probe: Manual replacement of the deprecated
 strlcpy() with return values

Le lun. 22 févr. 2021 à 18:49, Steven Rostedt <> a
écrit :

> > -     if (unlikely(!maxlen))
> > -             return -ENOMEM;
> Don't remove the above. You just broke the else side.
> > -
> > -     if (addr == FETCH_TOKEN_COMM)
> > -             ret = strlcpy(dst, current->comm, maxlen);
> > -     else
> > +     if (addr == FETCH_TOKEN_COMM) {
> > +             ret = strscpy(dst, current->comm, maxlen);
> > +             if (ret == -E2BIG)
> > +                     return -ENOMEM;
> I'm not sure the above is what we want. current->comm is always nul
> terminated, and not only that, it will never be bigger than TASK_COMM_LEN.
> If the "dst" location is smaller than comm (maxlen < TASK_COMM_LEN), it is
> still OK to copy a partial string. It should not return -ENOMEM which looks
> to be what happens with this patch.
> In other words, it looks like this patch breaks the current code in more
> ways than one.
> -- Steve


Mhhh, *I think* that I had an issue during rebase, I don't remember to have
removed the "  if (unlikely(!maxlen))"  (sorry for that).
Well, strscpy always returns a truncated string even in case of possible
overflow, the function copies what it can in "dst", it will just return
-E2BIG when
it does not fit or when "count" has a bad value (zero or > INT_MAX). We
have just to make a difference between "-E2BIG, data has been copied to dst
and it is truncated" and "-E2BIG, possible wrong size passed as argument".

I agree that it needs at least to work like before, and I think we can
preserve the old behaviour even with strscpy (we just need to adapt the
error handling accordingly).
I will fix this in v2.


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