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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019 14:03:13 -0800
From: Kees Cook <>
To: Andy Lutomirski <>
Cc: Elena Reshetova <>, Josh Poimboeuf <>, 
	Kernel Hardening <>, Andy Lutomirski <>, 
	Thomas Gleixner <>, Ingo Molnar <>, Borislav Petkov <>, 
	Peter Zijlstra <>
Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH] x86/entry/64: randomize kernel stack offset upon
 system call

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 8:34 AM Andy Lutomirski <> wrote:
> > On Feb 8, 2019, at 4:15 AM, Elena Reshetova <> wrote:
> > This feature should make considerably harder various
> > stack-based attacks that are based upon overflowing
> > a kernel stack into adjusted kernel stack with a
> > possibility to jump over a guard page.
> > Since the stack offset is randomized upon each
> > system call, it is very hard for attacker to reliably
> > land in any particular place on the adjusted stack.
> >
> I think we need a better justification. With VLAs gone, it should be statically impossible to overflow past a guard page.

I do agree, that the stack is a much more well-defended area right
now, and that the urgency for this feature is lower, but if it's easy
to implement, I think we should do it.

With VLAs universally gone, we can't get unbounded allocations that
lead to both linear overflows and indexed overflows. But this doesn't
mean a counter or index can't still go crazy -- it just means the
expected stack layout will no longer be attached to it.

With VMAP_STACK we stop linear overflows of the stack since we'll hit
a guard page. However, this does not stop indexed overflows where we
can jump the guard page. It is harder to control an indexed overflow
vs a linear overflow, but it's still possible. Adding more variability
to this, I think, has value in making attacks less reliable.

Also, I'd note that while this is currently an x86-only
implementation, it's not hard to extend to other architectures that
don't already have VMAP_STACK. (And while it is the default, not all
x86 builds have CONFIG_VMAP_STACK=y, though why you'd turn that off
and turn this on, I'm not sure.)

Kees Cook

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