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Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2021 20:55:57 +0200
Subject: Re: brute forcing AES key

On 10 Sep 2021, at 18:36, magnum <> wrote:
>> Any idea how to write a format for that?
> I told you how ;-)

Full disclosure, I perfectly get the theory, and came to the same conclusion myself, but I have absolutely no clue about the technical implementation :D

> But if you post a couple of sample vaults and the passwords for them, I'll have a look at it sooner or later. One vault should be empty (just create it, don't add any wallet) and one should be populated with some mockup data.

Ok here we go: 

Empty vault file name: emptyvault.cryptoSafe
Empty vault file content: (one line, no trailing newline character) 62eIxonP+2mIsrhfIn0IzQ==
Empty vault password: foobar 

ETH vault file name: ETHkey.cryptoSafe
ETH vault file content: (one line, no trailing newline character) RJ+YWtuyOoLnnOpOdmj43+hwO5cquMsSO3f/OiQfINofM+c0JVbIyUTQg3St+1Ue09QiZKlNnCAmlPHq2wuI31QoZQ/KNKZT/VMLd3qYbkOv873HT4wsYeavSwOqrdVdxpEimkqgdDkGP7XHfeFUCv6+jXFZioiR8jYrgxA8fDQQ5C+YReuvfiqLGaVrC9ih58X8Q7NLxAlQTGSQvHgsZI6DNfAsXw3Zt++fIJh9bdLzHDEBF/pLp47zj132UOYr6TuufnnA+HeUISdk+xH6/w==
ETH vault password: foobar

Apparently the vault content is a concatenation of multiple informations: coin name, pub key, private key, seed and comment as shown on the last screen capture displayed on . I can't find in the code any information regarding that storage :(
Here are the info for the ETH vault: 

ETH vault coin name: ETH
ETH public key: 0x4ac97B48CbBF9D54AE1f07bF72b10F19eBE30BB1
ETH private key: a5f54b647905db05a82d523fe0027a5da9760c2e97e4124448896f7333cdf96f
ETH seed: (left blank)
ETH vault comment: (left blank)

thanks to 0 padding up to 32 chars, using password foobar in the app GUI gives the same result as foobar0000, foobar0000000000, foobar000000000000000, etc., this app is so nicely coded… :)


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