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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 23:21:17 +0200
From: Solar Designer <>
Subject: Re: Help crafting a specific ruleset

Hi Alan,

On Mon, Apr 05, 2021 at 01:55:21PM -0600, alan somers wrote:
> I need to recover one of my own passwords that I've forgotten.  But I
> haven't *completely* forgotten it, only *slightly* forgotten.  So I think
> John can recover it quickly if I can just figure out how to craft a
> suitably specific ruleset.  Could somebody please help me?
> * I remember the beginning (let's call it "abc")
> * I have a pretty good idea of the length.  It's probably between X and Y
> characters long
> * The remaining characters are drawn from a small set (let's call it
> [qwerty$%^])
> * No character is repeated
> * I even have a good guess at the order of the characters, though obviously
> not perfect.  Ideally John would be able to start from my guess and iterate
> from there.
> How would I express this to John?

The primary way to do it would be to use mask mode, like this:

./john -2='qwerty$%^' -mask='abc?2' -min-len=X -max-len=Y hash.txt


./john -mask='abc[qwerty$%^]' -min-len=X -max-len=Y hash.txt


./john -mask='abc[qwe][qwerty][rty][$%^]' hash.txt
./john -mask='abc[qwe][qwerty][rty][rty][$%^]' hash.txt
./john -mask='abc[qwe][qwerty][rty][rty][rty][$%^]' hash.txt

If your hash type is slow, you can add "--external=Filter_NoRepeats" to
any of these commands.  With a fast hash, this isn't worth the overhead.

Another way would be to put your one guess or a few guesses at the
password into a wordlist file and apply word mangling rules to that:

echo 'abcqwerty$%^' > word.txt
./john -w=word.txt --rules=oi hash.txt

Here, "oi" is a pre-defined ruleset that performs some overstrikes and

A weird trick you could also try is to train JtR's incremental mode on
your guess(es):

echo ':abcqwerty$%^' >> fake.pot
# ... and more of these here; also note the leading colon
./john --make-charset=custom.chr --pot=fake.pot
./john --incremental=custom hash.txt


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