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Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 20:24:41 +0100
From: magnum <>
Subject: RPP silent "fail" in John proper


I found another problem, this time in the rules pre-processor. In short, 
a stray \p before a range (with no preceding range) silently make it 
only expand to first element. One could argue it's a bug in the rule 
given, but anyway we should at least warn about it.

Showing it with Jumbo here, but I verified same behavior in john proper:

Let's say we have this rule, with parallel ranges:

$ echo magnum | ../run/john -pipe -stdout -ru::'-[:c] \p[uc] $\p[12]'
2p 0:00:00:00 0.00% 33.33p/s Magnum2

...then we decide to drop the case flipping, *but we forget the last \p 
in there*:

$ $ echo magnum | ../run/john -pipe -stdout -ru::'$\p[12]'
1p 0:00:00:00 0.00% 20.00p/s magnum1

Obviously this output was expected:

$ echo magnum | ../run/john -pipe -stdout -ru::'$[12]'
2p 0:00:00:00 0.00% 50.00p/s magnum2

I saw this in someone else's rule (much more complicated) and I think it 
could be a common enough problem to catch and warn for - or simply treat 
\p as a no-op in that case.


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