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Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 22:23:53 +0200
From: Solar Designer <>
To: Leonard Rose <>
Subject: Re: NVIDIA Jetson TK1 GPU & John

On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 10:00:36AM -0600, Leonard Rose wrote:
> Hi! I was able to get this working easily!


> I got a link to the CUDA branch from someone at the NVIDIA developer's forum and then proceeded to build the code.

Why CUDA?  Did you run into any issues with OpenCL?  As you can see,
we've abandoned the CUDA branch 1.5 years ago, and for good reasons.
Our OpenCL support is far superior, and it works great on NVIDIA too.

There isn't any major issue with CUDA per se, but it just happened that
we could do all we needed so far in OpenCL, and that let us support
devices by different vendors at once.  So there was no point in doing
more CUDA-specific work, and over time our CUDA support lagged behind.

At this time (as well as 1.5 years ago when our decision to drop CUDA
was made), we have more JtR formats supported and with better
performance in OpenCL than we ever did in CUDA.

> With the addition of a few additional packages in Tegra OpenMPI and CUDA support works well using configure options. 

OK.  I hope you try OpenCL with latest bleeding-jumbo as well.  If there
are any issues with that, please report those.

Meanwhile, thank you for including the detail about CUDA and MPI issues.
Maybe someone will find this helpful.

> mpirun: Forwarding signal 10 to job
> 2 0g 5:09:20:40  3/3 0g/s 844.7p/s 844.7c/s 844.7C/s l0g12421..l0g10674
> 1 0g 5:09:18:53  3/3 0g/s 847.0p/s 847.0c/s 847.0C/s sitcr2d3..sitatziz
> 3 0g 5:09:35:26  3/3 0g/s 840.1p/s 840.1c/s 840.1C/s
> 4 0g 5:09:20:16  3/3 0g/s 752.0p/s 752.0c/s 752.0C/s mhbcmlp..mhhurg9

What hash type (and cost settings, if applicable) is this for?


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