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Date: Sun, 27 May 2018 14:08:58 +0100
From: Eric Watson <>
Subject: Re: john --make-charset=custom.chr: Can't get the hang
 of using it. :-(

Thank you Alexander.

Can I ask for guidance on another method?

Incremental mode excluding a list of characters which would not be 
included in the password?


On 27/05/18 11:12, Solar Designer wrote:
> On Sun, May 27, 2018 at 01:28:13AM +0100, Eric Watson wrote:
>> I am struggling with making a suitable mask having tried numerous attempts.
>> I am trying to achieve:
>> ./john --mask'[*!][Ff]irrstword followed by a known number such as 11334
>> but could also be 43311 followed by [*!][Ss]econdword followed by 11334
>> or 43311' passwd
>> The number digits would not change and would always be in the same order
>> following the first and second word so could be treated as a "word".
>> The firstwordnumber and secondwordnumber could also be reversed ie.
>> ./john --mask'[*!][Ss]econdword followed by 11334 or 43311
>> [*!][Ff]irrstword followed by 11334 or 43311' passwd
>> I assume this would need two passes, one for each combination?
> If I understood you correctly, it's these 8 masks:
> [*!][Ff]irstword11334[*!][Ss]econdword11334
> [*!][Ff]irstword11334[*!][Ss]econdword43311
> [*!][Ff]irstword43311[*!][Ss]econdword11334
> [*!][Ff]irstword43311[*!][Ss]econdword43311
> [*!][Ss]econdword11334[*!][Ff]irstword11334
> [*!][Ss]econdword11334[*!][Ff]irstword43311
> [*!][Ss]econdword43311[*!][Ff]irstword11334
> [*!][Ss]econdword43311[*!][Ff]irstword43311
> To use them with JtR, you can use this lengthy command-line in bash:
> while read mask; do ./john --mask="$mask" passwd; done < masks.txt
> or you can do the 8 invocations of JtR manually, substituting the
> different masks in there (if so, use single quotes around the masks to
> prevent the shell's processing of special characters in there).
> You can also choose to optimize for fewer masks, given that the number
> of different candidate passwords to test is low anyway (let the computer
> waste some time, instead of wasting your own time):
> ./john --mask='[*!][Ff]irstword[14][13]3[31][41][*!][Ss]econdword[14][13]3[31][41]' passwd
> ./john --mask='[*!][Ss]econdword[14][13]3[31][41][*!][Ff]irstword[14][13]3[31][41]' passwd
> This will test a total of 8192 candidate passwords instead of only 128,
> but either is a low number for a computer.
> Alexander

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