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Date: Wed, 23 May 2018 11:04:53 -0700
From: Eric Oyen <>
Subject: Re: john --make-charset=custom.chr: Can't get the hang of using it. :-(

ah, ok.
well, I did some further reading. I am simply going to do a wordlist based session with rules mangling in play. It's a bit slower, but I am reasonably sure that my password wil show up eventually (and not in 13.75 billion years either!). :)


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On May 23, 2018, at 8:10 AM, Solar Designer wrote:

> On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 07:47:07AM -0700, Eric Oyen wrote:
>> I run the command as stated in the example (./john --make-charset custom.chr custom.txt) where custom.txt happens to be a crunch created wordlist
> As I explained in my reply to the other Eric, this is not what the
> example is about and is not what it says.  "--make-charset" was
> originally intended for processing your previously-cracked passwords to
> train incremental mode on.  It will not read a wordlist.  You can,
> however, create a fake john.pot file for it to read, like this:
> sed 's/^/:/' < custom.txt > john.pot
> and then generate a charset file like this:
> ./john --make-charset=custom.chr
> But you should probably simply use mask mode instead of this hack around
> crunch and incremental mode.  Mask mode is intended to do just what you
> seem to be trying to do.
> I am unaware of any use case for crunch along with JtR given what JtR's
> built-in mask mode is capable of.
> Alexander

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