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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2017 14:09:40 +0100
From: Matus UHLAR - fantomas <>
Subject: Re: Re: opencl on amd (mesa ISC and clc-amd) fails

>>On 20.10.17 16:52, Claudio André wrote:
>>>Short answer, MESA is not supported.

>On 2017-11-09 17:25, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>>that's unfortunate :-( I think I've seen mention of this somewhere 
>>but it's not said explicitly in
>>the docs - only recommendation of using vendor-supplied drivers.

On 09.11.17 23:17, magnum wrote:
>Just to clarify what Claudio said, we're (or I'm) aiming for support 
>for ANY OpenCL compliant gear (as good as possible) but we don't 
>quite "support" it (we simply can not test every toaster and 
>firmware/driver/runtime version). OTOH we don't strictly support 
>*anything* in Jumbo - every single part of it is best-effort.

of course - that's why I said it's unfortunate. I don't blame anyone, just
seek for information and aim to make it working with my little programming
(especially opencl) knowledge.

> Right 
>now, due to quality problems with most anything else, NVIDIA (using 
>their closed-source drivers) works better than most anything else.

I would prefer to have nvidia card over AMD in my company's laptop, however
it was bought by my employer, so I can only can try this one.
on my home PC I'm happy nvidia owner :-)

Matus UHLAR - fantomas, ;
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