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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2017 21:48:11 +0800
From: noir maru <>
Subject: Re: gpg2john working for symmetric encryption?


wc export.hash returns:       1       1   16809 export.hash

the file only has one very long line, and it is going directly from the
output of gpg2john... is there another way than gpg2john export.tgz.gpg >
export.hash that I should be using to avoid corruption?

when running gpg2john there are some other errors I didn't notice.

Unknown string-to-key(s2k 166)

unknown version (90).

This file is encrypted with CAST5 according to gpg...

--format=gpg didn't make any difference...

I tested it on an AES gpg file and it works. It seems to be CAST5

But I'm not expert in this.


On Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 9:17 PM, Solar Designer <> wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 06, 2017 at 08:26:16PM +0800, noir maru wrote:
> > i have a file i created with tar -cz export| gpg -c -o export.tgz.gpg
> >
> > i run gpg2john export.tgz.gpg > export.hash
> >
> > at this point gpg2john complains that MDC is missing. export.hash is
> > created and that starts with $gpg$*0.......
> >
> > and then i run john with ./john --wordlist wordlist.lst export.hash
> What does this command say? -
> wc export.hash
> > there are some errors which i have included below and no password is
> found,
> > though the known password is in the wordlist.
> Of course, nothing would be found when the hashes are misdetected as
> tripcode.  You may try "--format=gpg" as one of the warnings suggests.
> However, this doesn't explain why you have so many lines in that file.
> Did you possibly copy-paste it from another machine and inadvertently
> introduced many linefeeds?
> > is gpg2john not working with this kind of symmetric file encryption?
> I don't know.  Maybe someone else will address this question.
> But first you need to make sure you don't corrupt the file between the
> gpg2john and the john invocations, as right now it looks like you did.
> Of course, I could be wrong in my guess.
> Alexander

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