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Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2016 08:55:04 -0300
From: Claudio André <>
Subject: Re: Install John the Ripper via Ubuntu Store

 > The plan is to release it as stable and tested, but offering recent 
bug fixes and improvements.

Hey there!

BTW: it is possible to run the JtR openCL binary using the workaround 
seen below (notice: 12 is the current/desired revision [1]):
~$ /snap/john-the-ripper/12/john-the-ripper.opencl -list=build-info
~$ /snap/john-the-ripper/12/john-the-ripper.opencl -list=opencl-devices

Cracking using the CPU and/or the OpenCL version:
~$ export DATA=$HOME/snap/john-the-ripper/12/.john
~$ john-the-ripper -list=format-tests | cut -f3 > $DATA/
~$ /snap/john-the-ripper/12/john-the-ripper.opencl 
-form=SHA512crypt-opencl $DATA/
~$ john-the-ripper -form=SHA512crypt $DATA/

Just in case you have ARM hardware, there are armhf and arm64 JtR 
versions available on Ubuntu Store. They have:
- regex and prince modes available
- fallback for OMP

If your distro already accepts the snap format (without a store), it is 
possible to download the reviewed snap package from:


[1] Rev 12 means commit: 36a7264b2c7e6c1f682300c547cd41f2ff021ed1 from 
July 29th. Execute a sudo snap refresh and/or snap list to assure you 
have the latest version installed.

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