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Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2016 13:00:31 -0500
From: jfoug <>
Subject: Re: External Policy Filter

Why not some rules:

# handle all permutations with all 5 ?l?u?d?s?b
 >7/?l/?u/?d :
 >7/?l/?u/?s :
 >7/?l/?u/?b :
 >7/?l/?d/?s :
 >7/?l/?d/?b :
 >7/?l/?s/?b :
# handle all permutations with 4 ?u?d?s?b
 >7/?u/?d/?s :
 >7/?u/?d/?b :
 >7/?u/?s/?b :
# handle  ?d?s?b
 >7/?d/?s/?b :
# I 'think' that is it, but I am doing this off the cuff, so I may have 
missed some.

Then simply run:
./john -w=rocku.txt -rules=PolicyFilter -stdout | unique 

$ wc rockyou.txt
  14344391  14442062 139921497 rockyou.txt

$ ../john -w=rockyou.txt -rules=PolicyFilter -stdout | ../unique 
Press 'q' or Ctrl-C to abort, almost any other key for status
747744p 0:00:00:11 100.00% (2016-03-26 12:53) 63909p/s 957£}~w0¬z?>4ko
Total lines read 747744 Unique lines written 645347

So it completed in under 15s and built a file that was 22x smaller than 
but contains only data that would likely pass the policy rules (note I 
say likely because
it will depend upon code pages, etc, and the ?b does not map directly to 

This would not be a great method for a fast hash, but then if whoever 
wrote the login code
was dumb enough to use a fast hash, then they certainly would not have 
been smart enough
to use a policy like this, lol.

On 3/25/2016 8:02 PM, Rich Rumble wrote:
> I've been on many threads and re-read everything I can, but I can't
> figure out how to change [List.External:Policy] to be closer to how
> Microsoft has implemented their default complexity policy for
> passwords.
> I'm only interested in making that policy do more dynamic matching...
> meaning instead of filtering on static character classes (?u?l?d,
> ?u?l?s, ?u?s?d etc...) have do more if not at least 3 of these
> combinations of classes, then reject.
> So allow: ( >7 )
> Asdf12#$  (?u?l?d?s)
> Asdf1234   (?u?d?l)
> ABCD3fgh (?u?d?l)
> asdf@$$1  (?l?s?d)
> A@...5%% (u?l?d?s)
> Maybe a perl or regex script is better suited for the task, especially
> since I can't seem to get the length to go beyond 8 in my version of
> jtr.
> ./john.exe -w=rockyou.txt -external=policy -stdout
> The regex's I've come across haven't been working to my satisfaction.
> -rich

Community volunteer for John the Ripper project.

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