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Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 01:10:41 +0100
From: Daniel Sorry <>
Subject: Re: Cracking luks volume

I kinda gave up on this venture but maybe i should give it another try.
@Frank. Yeh, i tried changing different keyboard layouts to make sure. (It
shouldn't matter anyhow as the keys used are identical on both layouts)
Yes, i really deleted the password, i changed it and deleted the old, i
verified this later by looking at the enabled keyslots, only keyslot 1 is
enabled :(

I'm so sure of my password combinations I've started to think the master
key got corrupted or something along that line.

I couldn't math to save my life but i don't think the list should be overly
big tbh.
For example, every 9th char i know its 1/2 special characters.
I know roughly how long it should be etc.

Prince mode seems to be what I need but I'm worried it will be a pretty big
list anyhow.
Is there a way to define and narrow the list down ?
For example: F6TgW8D8"1/2 special chars"F6TgW8D8"1/2 special chars"F6TgW8D8"2/2
special chars"
And make a list based on the those 6 char variations ?

Thanks for all the help and input, really appreciate it :)

2016-02-06 23:00 GMT+01:00 Rich Rumble <>:

> On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 2:08 PM, Rich Rumble <> wrote:
> > On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 11:34 AM, Daniel Sorry <>
> wrote:
> >>
> >> Here's an example structure of how the password looks and various
> >> combinations it needs to try.
> >>
> >> I take an 8-9 char password like: F6TgW8D8 or F6TgW8D8!
> >> I thought i did it like: F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8!
> >> Or perhaps F6TgW8D8!F6TgW8D8#F6TgW8D8!#
> >> Or F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8F6TgW8D8#!
> >> Or f6TgW8D8!f6TgW8D8f6TgW8D8#!
> > If all you did was repeat a 8-9 character pass, that shouldn't be too
> > hard if you can guess or know most of that 8-9 characters.
> > Using a custom charset I don't think will help you here, unless you
> > have thousands of combinations to try.
> > A simple rule you can use to repeat the words of your wordlist are:
> > [List.Rules:duplicate-append-x-point]
> > d $!
> >
> > (using "dd$!" will give you 4 copies of the word, I don't know how to
> > make just 3)
> > You can also make a word list of the words you think are close, and
> > try prince mode on those.
> > ./john yourhash.txt -prince=likelywords.txt
> > Prince mode will try all kinds of things, here is what it did with the
> > following 3 words:
> > pass
> > word
> > F6TgW8D8
> >
> >
> > $ ./john.exe -stdout -prince=prince-3words.txt  (you can also use
> > -rules=single or rules=wordlist on a prince run)
> You will have to use --max-length=24 (or anything over 16 if the pass
> is over 16 in length)
> Prince appears to be hard-coded to 16 as it's max.
> -rich

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