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Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 21:16:36 -0500
From: japhar81 <>
Subject: Re: Custom incrementals?

I'm not sure this gets me there.. What I'm really trying to do is tell John
to try anything that fits a pattern -- a regex if you will, so
[A-Z] <5-9 chars, with at least one being a number> [!@#$]
I still need to do a brute-force and generate all of them, I'm just trying
to shrink the size of the possible password set as much as possible since
RAR is so miserably slow to crack..

On Sun, Jan 31, 2016 at 7:16 PM, Rich Rumble <> wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 11:01 PM, japhar81 <> wrote:
> > I swear I've tried to RTFM, and I'm sorry for what's probably a recurring
> > question, but I'm totally stumped.. I know the password I'm after is;
> > 1. 7-11 characters in length
> > 2. Starts with a letter (may/may not be capital)
> > 3. Might use $ # @ ! but no other special characters
> >
> > Could someone clue me in on how I properly generate and run an
> incremental
> > rule for that case? I've been trying to piece it together for hours off
> > posts on the list and the docs, but I'm still nowhere..
> Incremental is a mode, and not really a rule or ruleset. Incremental
> attempts to "learn" from cracked passwords or known plain-texts. If
> you wanted to use incremental, you'd want to first feed it a bunch
> (many thousands if not millions) of passwords. Then incremental will
> start to use trigraphs to do a smart brute force of passwords. Instead
> of theses being the first passwords: aaaaab, aaaaac, aaaaad, aaaaae
> incremental will try these samila, samily, shanne, shanna, angel,
> anger, samina, saming, shanda etc..
> I don't think this is the mode for you to try first. You should try
> something like this:
> >7 c $[$#@!]  (input length is GT 7, capitalize, append each of these $ #
> A !)
> This is what I put in john.conf:
> [List.Rules:gt7]
> >7 c $[$#@!]
> This is what I ran
>  ./john.exe -w=password.lst -rules=gt7 -stdout (you won't use stdout)
> Password$
> Password1$
> 123456789$
> etc...
> If you want to look at some of the crazy cool KoreLogic rules in Jumbo
> you can find some really good stuff in there. What I posted is a very
> simple rule, and you can create many more. You can also use the
> --min-length and --max-length switches for keeping the input words
> between 7-11.
> -rich

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