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Date: Sat, 09 May 2015 11:11:45 +0200
From: magnum <>
Subject: Re: Advise on best approach (truecrypt pw based on pdf

On 2015-05-09 00:56, Demian Smith wrote:
> Judging by the current status, it looks like it is doing a goodish job:
>> 0g 23000p 0:00:09:18  0g/s 41.15p/s 82.31c/s 82.31C/s Tfneatwa..Tfneotps
>> 0g 25868p 0:00:13:15  0g/s 32.50p/s 65.00c/s 65.00C/s Iceuaeog..Iceuabab
> So it looks -to me - as if I am on the right track, mainly due to
> --make-charset and incremental mode are doing a really great job there.

Good, candidates look OK now. We still have two issues:

Even if incremental now runs what you intended, it could take a LONG 
time (as in years) to hit the correct phrase. What if you use that 
wordlist you produced and instead of making a fake pot file, use it 
directly as a wordlist in a crack? If it's the correct book I reckon 
you'd crack your password in no time, no?

Also, speed doesn't look too good. It seems to run slow. Or maybe our 
test vectors doesn't reflect real-world costs.

Are you running without OpenMP, or on a CPU with just one core? Please 
stop this job (as you probably know it can be resumed) and post the 
benchmark figures from:

$ ../run/john -test -form:tc_*

Also, when you resume the job, copy the inital lines output when job 
starts and report them too; Is it loading two "hashes"? Shouldn't it be 
just one?


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