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Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2013 08:17:04 -0400
From: Rich Rumble <>
Subject: Re: De-duping NT ruleset

On Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 4:20 AM, Solar Designer <> wrote:

> ... or is this on purpose, with NT_Length being intended for use on some
> special cases of input files, not on all?  If so, that's inconsistent
> with the original purpose of the NT ruleset; perhaps you'd need to call
> your ruleset differently and explain what inputs it is valid for, then.

I know NT was for LM(UPPER) -->NT(caMelCasE) I thought since there was no
apparent length qualifier that NT rules may have been getting applied to
words more than once. I should of tested with a single line and I would of
seen what you've just shown me :) I was actually trying to create a rule
that added 2 spaces to various positions as well as toggling the case of
letters in different positions. I've come up with this so far, but it too
seems to have lots of dupes, I was just trying to make the rule more
efficient, and thought I found something with NT in the process. This rule
is working well for me, I'm not trying to do every possible case but I had
intended to only do cap's on the next letter after the space.

<* T[0-9A-E] Q i[0-9A-E][ ] T[0-9A-E] i[0-9A-E][ ]  T[0-9A-E]

"ilikepasswords"  ->  "I Like Passwords" was what I was after in general,
but the rule is pretty sloppy. I'm trying to read RULES to better
understand but so far... not off to a good start. While I had wanted only
caps after the inserted spaces, I've grabbed some others I wouldn't have if
the rule was that "narrow". The 'Q' helps some, but that was the best I've
don't so far...  "I'm sloppy and I know it".

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