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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:32:42 +0100
From: Simon Marechal <>
Subject: Mangling rules for different ciphers

Following my Passwords^12 presentation, I generated mangling rules for
different ciphers. This is just a test, downloadable there:

It contains the following files:
processWordlist - the time it takes (in seconds) to mangle a wordlist on
my computer
processtime - the time it takes (in seconds) to test a password against
a single salt with DES on my computer

And the results:

Files finishing without -us have been trained with the new sraveau
wikipedia wordlist, and rockyou. Those with a -us suffix have been
generated using the new sraveau wikipedia wordlist, limited to the US
keymap, and rockyou.

The "des" files have been trained with the aforementioned parameters,
the "fasthash" for the case where mangling the wordlist takes much more
time than testing individual passwords, and "slowhash" for the case
where testing a single password takes much more time than mangling the

It will probably need some fixing (removal of the performance values,
and probably fixing the [ and ]), but should perform well. I will bench
them ASAP. In the meanwhile, please let me know if this is useful to you.

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