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Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 22:09:34 +0100
From: newangels newangels <>
Subject: Re: What do you recommend as a laptop cracking station? :)


I just want to comment all of the reply's i just read uper & share my own doing.

I am on MAC & all my Machine's run on OSX LION 10.7.5

I am currently run "John" on an MacBookPro 17' 2011 ( last one) I7
/SSD / 8Go / GC ATI M6750 1Go

On the other side, i have an MAC PRO Quad XEONS @ 3ghz with 16 Go & SSD

In Pure CPU usage the MacbokkPro I7 beat the MacPro

& i can say in GPU also ( cause i have an Quadro on MacPro not working
well on that process )

But i agreed , for an intensive use an Desktop is recomembed.

My 2 cent's anyway,



2012/11/21, groszek <>:
> On 11/21/2012 06:37 PM, Richard Miles wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm considering buying a new laptop and I want to do a decision based on
>> specs to crack passwords, in other words, I need a real animal to crack
>> passwords, I now that laptops are not as powerful as desktops, but I hope
>> to find something really good.
>> I looked at AllienWare and Macbook PRO and I got a bit frustrated. I
>> don't
>> know if it exist, but I was looking for a laptop with at least 8 cores
>> and
>> at least one AMD 7970GPU. Do you have any recommendation? Or suggestion
>> of
>> better configuration for a laptop being used as a password cracking
>> station? :)
>> (...)
> Basically you look at gaming laptops and read the specs of the nvidia
> card it has ;)
> While laptop is not a perfect choice for cracking passwords, if you need
> new laptop I totally understand why you want a tool that can be used
> *when really needed* to crack passwords. I'm on the same boat, and just
> two weeks ago got myself lenovo y580. Pretty cheap beast with i7-3610QM
> and nvidia gtx 660m. If you're interrested, little test:
> John the Ripper password cracker, ver: 1.7.9-jumbo-7 [linux-x86-64-cuda]
> Benchmarking: M$ Cache Hash MD4 [32/64]... DONE
> Many salts:     20956K c/s real, 20956K c/s virtual
> Only one salt:  8502K c/s real, 8502K c/s virtual
> Benchmarking: M$ Cache Hash MD4 [CUDA (inefficient, development use
> only)]... DONE
> Many salts:     17762K c/s real, 17941K c/s virtual
> Only one salt:  15042K c/s real, 14893K c/s virtual
> Benchmarking: M$ Cache Hash 2 (DCC2) PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-1 [CUDA]... DONE
> Raw:    4517 c/s real, 4517 c/s virtual
> Benchmarking: M$ Cache Hash 2 (DCC2) PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA-1 [128/128 AVX
> intrinsics 8x]... DONE
> Raw:    1088 c/s real, 1077 c/s virtual
> Benchmarking: MS SQL SHA-1 [128/128 AVX intrinsics 8x]... DONE
> Many salts:     20010K c/s real, 20212K c/s virtual
> Only one salt:  7922K c/s real, 7922K c/s virtual
> Benchmarking: NTLMv2 C/R MD4 HMAC-MD5 [32/64]... DONE
> Many salts:     940544 c/s real, 940544 c/s virtual
> Only one salt:  766976 c/s real, 766976 c/s virtual
> I think it's totally acceptable for everyday cracking ... or it will
> tell you laptop isn't good after all ;)
> This laptop is what I really recommend, great quality, decent price and
> beast of a power. If you need a benchmark of any other particular hash
> let me know.

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