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Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2012 01:14:41 -0400
From: Rich Rumble <>
Subject: Distributed and Decrementing Dumb External modes

I've got a dumb question about "dumb" external modes, and as I type I
think I'm finding the answer form before I get to the question... Is
it possible to have a dumb force mode, let's say it's a-z 0-9/s
(alnum+space) to 8 chars, to have it start at "ccccccc" on pc-2
(node?) and have pc-3 start at "dddddddd"... I'm thinking of this very
manually and I'm sure just using NODE is better. If I have 37 pc's (or
threads), I suppose that splits the load up pretty evenly using
"-node1/37" etc, is it also possible to do it "manually" anyway?  :)

Would it be in these lines?
int last;		// Last character position, zero-based
int lastid;		// Character index in the last position
int id[0x7f];		// Current character indices for other positions
I've seen some of this (last) used in knownforce, but I'm still unsure
how I'd specify "cccccccc" as the position to start with.

i = 0;
	charset[i++] = ' ' //space
	c = 'a'
	while (c <= 'z')
		charset[i++] = c++;
	c = '0' + 1;
	while (c <= '9')
		charset[i++] = c++;

And since it's late(for me), and I'm into asking "dumb" questions,
this one has to be simple, and forgive me for not knowing it, but
let's say, I want to have two computers run digits only, out to 10
chars. I want pc-1 to start at 0000000000 (incrementing) and pc-2 to
start at 9999999999 (decrementing) so they meet in the middle, it may
be hard to stop them both at 5555555555 so that is not a big deal to
me. I've not tried it, but do I just swap 0 for 9? or do I just use -1
instead of +1, maybe both, c = '9' - 1 while c = 0 and that will be
the decrementing one? Perhaps it's i-- or c-- ? I really admire the
keyboard external mode, and knownforce and the recent rot-13, I'm
hoping to better understand, but without the programming experience I
think I'm going to be in the dark for a while still.
How do I give the external mode a specific starting point, and what if
I want it to decrement, go backwards, from that point.
 i = 0;
	c = '0'
	while (c <= '9')
		charset[i--] = c++
guesses: 0  time: 0:00:00:01  c/s: 1137G  trying: 000a## - 000a#a
guesses: 0  time: 0:00:00:04  c/s: 1137G  trying: 00sT_i - 00sT_#
guesses: 0  time: 0:00:00:05  c/s: 1137G  trying: 00s#▒F - 00s#▒m
So yeah, don't hire me to program for you :)

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