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Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 15:18:28 -0700
From: Alain Espinosa <>
To: john-users <>
Subject: TrueCrypt format

Hi. First version of a Truecrypt format. As i do not modify any john
file and i am not sure what is the prefered way to make
contributions(simple patch, git patch or other) i send only the new
files. I test it with john-1.7.9-jumbo-6.

Currently it supports RIPEMD_160, SHA_512 and WHIRLPOOL hashing and
AES256_XTS encryption. Hidden volumes is supported. Other encryption
algoritms are not supported as OpenSSL do not provide they.
Requeriment: OpenSSL 1.0.1

truecrypt_volume2john.c: Utility to import TrueCrypt volume to a
format crackeable by John The Ripper. You can use it as:
truecrypt_volume2john.exe volume_filename > output_file

TrueCrypt do not "know" what encryption and hashing it use for a given
volume, then it try all posibles combinations. Because that the output
of truecrypt_volume2john contains 3 hashing: RIPEMD_160, SHA_512 and
WHIRLPOOL with the same data. Also TrueCrypt do not "know" if a hidden
volume exist so truecrypt_volume2john output 3 more hashing as if a
hidden volume was created.

To crack in john you can then:
john --format:tc_ripemd160 output_file	or
john --format:tc_sha512 output_file		or
john --format:tc_whirlpool output_file

If you do not was clear what hashing was using you need to try all of
them. I can add a "tc_all" that try all posible combination if needed.
Currently the performance is very bad: c/s: 12-40 in a Celeron 430
2.7GHz. I plan to add OpenMP support if i get some time. Also note
that the implementation is "weird" or not normal in a john format as i
need the binary values to decrypt the volume header and i do not know
of a best way to do that than the current implementation. I do not
think TrueCrypt can be implemented in GPU any time soon, it's to

Please comment,

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