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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 8:57:34 -0400
From:  <>
To: NeonFlash <>,
Subject: Re: Right Format to Load IPB hashes in JtR

The latest john, obtainable from 'magnum-git'  (documented on how to get it here can handle this.  Simply put, I had to add split to dynamic, to properly deal with raw hashes, which get upconverted to dynamic_X, when re-reading them from a .pot file, against a raw input file.  I do not think original jumbo-5 can do this.  However, I know the current version in the git repository CAN do this.

Also, with a salt like this, which will likely contain most any character (including the ':' which is a field separator character for JtR), it would be best if you converted the salts into the $HEX$ format.  

I tossed together some C code  code will do this.   To build, simply  gcc -o to_dyna to_dyna.c   and it should get built properly.  Here are the options:

usage to_dyna [options] < input > output
                -d=#   dyna number (-d=12 and $dynamic_12$hash$salt is used)
                -a     ALL hashes get $HEX$ and not simply hashes which have problems
                -ls=#  The salt is the leading data, and it is # bytes long
                -ss=b  The salt separator char is b  a blank -ss= means no separator char
        defaults are -d=12 -ss=:

I just tossed this together this morning, so I hope it is semi-bug free.  I have tossed a few tests at it, and it appears to work.


---- NeonFlash <> wrote: 
> I already have some hashes cracked in POT File:


in this format.

Also, I have modified my IPB.txt file to contain the hashes in the following format:


Now, when I want to display the cracked hashes like this:

john -show --format=dynamic_12 IPB.txt

it does not display. 

Probably, because while parsing the POT File these cracked hashes appear with the $dynamic_12$ prefix.

The problem is, if I try to display the cracked hashes otherwise when my IPB.txt file contains the hashes in the format with a $dynamic_12$ prefix, the result is as shown below:


Is there a way to display the cracked hashes in the format:



 From: Frank Dittrich <>
Sent: Monday, June 4, 2012 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: [john-users] Right Format to Load IPB hashes in JtR
On 06/04/2012 06:58 AM, NeonFlash wrote:
> Ok, I just tried with the following format:
> $dynamic_12$b1e8eaa9725156b6c617a065dd05772b$3{8|d
> $dynamic_12$eb6c6407b4dcc0ea703231c77758e013$g~A.}
> $dynamic_12$e72f3f18e6f9cc212a4ff9f5a09b7eb1$J-uvO
> Using "$" as the separator char between the hash and the salt works.

$ ./john IPB.txt --format=dynamic_12

would even work with this format:




In this file


the colon would be treated as separator between user name ans hash.
That's why john didn't load the hashes.

View attachment "to_dyna.c" of type "text/plain" (2643 bytes)

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